To Thanksgiving or Not To Thanksgiving

This is a food post.  Not a philosophical look at turkey day. You can breathe now. Once upon a time Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday.  Then last year came and screwed that up.  Our annual treks to the mountains and getting a tree ended.  I didn't realize it was ending for good until my husband… Continue reading To Thanksgiving or Not To Thanksgiving

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Healthy Girl: It’s time to talk SAD!

Time to buckle down, bitties.  The time of year of all things full fat are upon us.  I wanted to take two seconds of your time to talk about what happened over the weekend and how it effects our healthy lifestyles! What happened over the weekend? The time changed!  I hate it so much.  This… Continue reading Healthy Girl: It’s time to talk SAD!


I should be doing laundry…

  Or running twenty-five miles!  Hey guys!  Happy Monday.  There is a lot to celebrate today.  The first being that it is a holiday week and to me the true kick off to the holiday season.  This post is going to be a big, fat hodge podge of just plain out stuff!  Stuff from the… Continue reading I should be doing laundry…