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Healthy Girl: Relationship Issues

Last week we started in on this view of our relationship with food.  Click here if you missed it!  This week we're going to examine some statuses a little deeper. As I shared with you last week, no matter what we think we all have a relationship status with food.  Singles don't view food as… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Relationship Issues

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Healthy Girl: Relationship Status.

Happy fresh start to a fresh (and at some point crisp) month!  October means cool down but not for all including my area.  I hope you all can continue with your fitness (you are getting it in, right?)  Now is a great time to get to exercising more outdoors and upping your time and miles… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Relationship Status.

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Healthy Girl: The Why.

Did ya think I wouldn't pump out a post today? OK honestly I didn't think I would but BAM!  Here I am. Today we're talking about the why of fitness and nutrition or rather being a healthy human being. I know most people click away after that.  Same song and dance, right?  OK whatever.  If… Continue reading Healthy Girl: The Why.

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Healthy Girl: Busy Night Dinners

Tis September - schedules, routines, sports, clubs, church, whatever is going on IT is going on now, right? Today your Healthy Girl post is diving into easy food that is good for your body and can be ready in a jiffy. I have two children who are involved in different sports this fall.  My daughter… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Busy Night Dinners


2 Week Challenge Day 3!

Good morning, afternoon, evening, whatever! Checking in on my friends who are participating in this challenge over here today.  How are you doing?  Have you been able to log 60-90 minutes so far (3 days in @ 30 minute a day =90.) Yesterday on the Facebook page I gave you a work out challenge.  It… Continue reading 2 Week Challenge Day 3!


Detox – But not like that.

I'm not doing a detox of food and drink at the current time.  That will come in March.  Currently, I am doing a detox of spending.  I guess I can say like a bajillion other people. Since Christmas I haven't purchased anything not needed.  Actually, I haven't purchased anything but food and gas.  Oh and… Continue reading Detox – But not like that.