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Weekend Healthy Girl Challenge * FOOD

I want to preface this with a note: We are getting snow this weekend.  It is supposed to start this evening and go through tomorrow afternoon.  The weather lady (who is not a winter fan either) says we won't get enough to matter.  Maybe 2 inches maybe nothing. I also want to remind you: Tonight… Continue reading Weekend Healthy Girl Challenge * FOOD


Saturday & Sunday Health Girl Challenge!

Its the weekend!!!  That means the challenge continues. Let's recap: You're drinking water, hot tea, black coffee.  Keep that going. You're allowed one red wine glass or one vodka water per day.  Keep that going. You're getting in as much walking as humanly possible for you.  Keep that going. You are not eating pasta but… Continue reading Saturday & Sunday Health Girl Challenge!

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Healthy Girl Challenge & Reading!

Good morning, afternoon, evening, whatever.  Better yet - Happy March!  Happy Lenten Season!  Happy almost spring!  Happy almost time change time!  Happy, happy, happy, happy, etc. We have a lot to be happy about in March, y'all.  In case you weren't aware we are on the edge of the good time of year.  (Realizing not… Continue reading Healthy Girl Challenge & Reading!