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This Ever Loving Week

Last weekend....   Last weekend was my husband's thirty-sixth birthday.  I decided to surprise him with an economical little get-a-way to Tennessee.  First things first:  We are not far from Tennessee.  Literally, I can cross the state line (northwest from me) in about an hour and fifteen minutes.  Second:  This was a last minute decision! … Continue reading This Ever Loving Week

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Weekend Recap (Because it is that time of year.)

You know I don't do weekend recaps. Unless it's that time of the year.  As in Halloween - New Years.  And friends...we have (ever so quickly) made it to that time of year. I'm just like... Since I cannot deny we are at the tail-ass-end of October let's do this. I had Friday off. Do you… Continue reading Weekend Recap (Because it is that time of year.)