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Oh Yeah It’s That Friday!

So this just happened.... Fourth grade ended today.  My girl worked hard this year and participated in several clubs.  We are super proud of her hard work and love for education.  I'm shocked she actually came home after Awards Day other than staying until the last bell rings! Here's to summer. Exciting news....we have a… Continue reading Oh Yeah It’s That Friday!


Injuries & Summer Goodness

This is my time of year. This is the time of year that I really, truly thrive.  I live for heat, humidity, sweating, sunshine...all of it and then some.  When people complain about sweltering weather I'm laughing and loving! Y'all it's OK - we are all made differently and that is what makes the big ole… Continue reading Injuries & Summer Goodness

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Healthy Girl: Back in it to win it

I started back to my old habits last week. It feels good. Working out, eating right, the old song and dance that you (if you read regularly) are super aware of. Today I'm sharing a few things that I love that help making me a healthy girl easier. Vitamin Water XXX  Not only does the… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Back in it to win it

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Healthy Girl: Super Bowl

Before I start sharing some super food for the super game I thought it would be nice to share the experience of watching football with Amanda. The first half means nothing to me. Truly, it doesn't.  If I pay too much attention in the first half then I'll be a ball of nerves (probably the Eagles… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Super Bowl

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Friday 4/2018

Look at us.  We are sitting on the edge of another fabulous weekend to celebrate! Last weekend looked like this: My girl scored THREE baskets in her basketball game!  I was so proud of her but way too into watching the game to take any photos.  I love that she is getting more… Continue reading Friday 4/2018