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Pinned It!

Time to (over???) share what all I have pinned lately on the ole Pinterest board.  I love doing these posts.  Sometimes they just make me laugh!  I look back and see the last few things I have pinned and try to figure out why in the world I did choose some of them! Before I… Continue reading Pinned It!

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Pinned It.

I have been on Pinterest quite a bit lately.  Half of the time it was to find something I had seen in a store or online or in a magazine (anyone else let Pinterest serve as a Google for you?)  The other half of the time I was mindlessly pinning crap. You gotta kill time… Continue reading Pinned It.

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Hearts, crap, and blog n jog….

If you are a snap chatter friend of mine ( Find me at the username: abullnojoke) then you know last week that I shared with you some terrible information.  I had to do this crap for my health insurance and found out my heart's age is nine years older than my actual age.  AGHHHH! Sure,… Continue reading Hearts, crap, and blog n jog….