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Making Your Home Thanksgiving Inviting

When you make work and the blog fuse together... The Halloween decor is supposed to be down.  If it isn't I'll sit here and wait while you take it all down right now. Are you finished yet? OK good. A few little tidbits today on decorating for Thanksgiving from my tiny stash of knowledge.  The… Continue reading Making Your Home Thanksgiving Inviting

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Fall Clean Out! My tips and tricks.

Well if you read this blog or follow me on Snap/IG then you know I make my moolah making other's homes clean and pretty!  I get asked plenty of questions about cleaning various areas and finishes and even more questions about organization and storage.  Today I thought I would just put some of my tips… Continue reading Fall Clean Out! My tips and tricks.

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At Home with Amanda: Budget Friendly Summer Updates For You!

Back to posting what I love the most.  I'm starting this up as a regular addtion to CCK.  And no, that isn't my house but it is one that I absolutely adore! It is that time of year!  Time for vacations, pool days, boat drinks, and home improvement.  Did you know most home improvements take… Continue reading At Home with Amanda: Budget Friendly Summer Updates For You!

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Refreshing: Exterior

Cleanings posts, done! Clutter post, completed. Now to the fun stuff.  Did you know there are two times a year when people are more likely to update their homes?  Those two times are April/May and September/October.  The latter is generally in response to the impending holiday season and the spring refresher is because so many… Continue reading Refreshing: Exterior

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Allergies Set To Music

It is that time of year again.  Sneeze, wheeze, cannot breathe time of year.  Thanks to Mother Nature unleashing her power of reproduction in the land of plants many humans and animals are suffering. In my own home there are three allergy sufferers.  Astonishingly, I am not one of the three.  Genetically I should be… Continue reading Allergies Set To Music