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Healthy Girl: Don’t be a turkey…

Hey girls. Time for a little motivation on this Monday! Last week I took some time and blogged about Seasonal Affective Disorder.  You can check that post by clicking right here. Seasonal Affective Disorder is when our moods drop due to cold temperatures, long periods of darkness, short days...ahem we call it winter. The post… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Don’t be a turkey…

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Healthy Girl: It’s time to talk SAD!

Time to buckle down, bitties.  The time of year of all things full fat are upon us.  I wanted to take two seconds of your time to talk about what happened over the weekend and how it effects our healthy lifestyles! What happened over the weekend? The time changed!  I hate it so much.  This… Continue reading Healthy Girl: It’s time to talk SAD!

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Healthy Girl: Relationship Status.

Happy fresh start to a fresh (and at some point crisp) month!  October means cool down but not for all including my area.  I hope you all can continue with your fitness (you are getting it in, right?)  Now is a great time to get to exercising more outdoors and upping your time and miles… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Relationship Status.

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Healthy Girl: The Why.

Did ya think I wouldn't pump out a post today? OK honestly I didn't think I would but BAM!  Here I am. Today we're talking about the why of fitness and nutrition or rather being a healthy human being. I know most people click away after that.  Same song and dance, right?  OK whatever.  If… Continue reading Healthy Girl: The Why.

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Overwhelmed & Choosing Healthy!

Hey girls and guys!  It's Tuesday, again, so here I am with a healthy girl post. Anyone here overwhelmed with the changes that come from a new school year and almost new season?  C'mon you can be honest, I cannot really hear your answer! It is pretty typical to get a little overwhelmed when the… Continue reading Overwhelmed & Choosing Healthy!

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Healthy Girl: Busy Night Dinners

Tis September - schedules, routines, sports, clubs, church, whatever is going on IT is going on now, right? Today your Healthy Girl post is diving into easy food that is good for your body and can be ready in a jiffy. I have two children who are involved in different sports this fall.  My daughter… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Busy Night Dinners

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Healthy Girl: September Y’all!

Here we are in a fresh new month.  We're keeping our summer mojo going no matter what that voice in the back of your head is saying to you! Don't let your health fall behind this month. Last month I blogged all about making August count.  Well that just means September has to count even… Continue reading Healthy Girl: September Y’all!