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Healthy Girl: Rise & Shine

You look hungry. Here's my favorite tiny to no carb breakfast casserole to make on Sunday or Monday for the entire week.  It keeps me satiated and going strong through busy days.  (You should still eat some lunch!) I pair it with a little fruit or veggies depending on what my taste buds are craving.… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Rise & Shine

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The NEW Healthy Girl (+Quick Dinner Recipe!)

Welcome to a new year.  I have changed some things around on the blog and of those changes Healthy Girl is now revamped for '18!  I'm so excited! Let's be real for a minute.  I made the challenges of 2017 too easy.  Increasing your water intake, upping your activity, and changing around your eating here… Continue reading The NEW Healthy Girl (+Quick Dinner Recipe!)

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On the 5th of December….

I give you Healthy Girl Challenge....Holiday Style! You're drinking water like a champ <high five!> You're moving <double high five!> So let's build on those.... Maybe you aren't quite where you need to be on your water intake.  Here's an easy and beautiful way to increase your daily intake.  As soon as you wake up in… Continue reading On the 5th of December….

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Stupid Tips – That Work?!

Hello FOOD!  I mean isn't that what this week is all about?  We're kicking off the eating season by roasting massive farm raised birds and then stuffing our faces with carbohydrates that are one with fat and salt (yeah mashed potatoes I'm talking about you...oh and you too stuffing....I see you pumpkin pie). I thought… Continue reading Stupid Tips – That Work?!

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310 Nutrition – Honestly.

Hi friends. Over the summer I had the pleasure (um...) of trying 310 Nutrition's Shakes, Lemonade, and Tea. I am not a "shake" person.  I do not like the idea of getting my nutrition from a liquid because I am not hooked up to a tube feed.  My digestive system works just fine and there… Continue reading 310 Nutrition – Honestly.