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310 Nutrition – Honestly.

Hi friends. Over the summer I had the pleasure (um...) of trying 310 Nutrition's Shakes, Lemonade, and Tea. I am not a "shake" person.  I do not like the idea of getting my nutrition from a liquid because I am not hooked up to a tube feed.  My digestive system works just fine and there… Continue reading 310 Nutrition – Honestly.

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Hearts, crap, and blog n jog….

If you are a snap chatter friend of mine ( Find me at the username: abullnojoke) then you know last week that I shared with you some terrible information.  I had to do this crap for my health insurance and found out my heart's age is nine years older than my actual age.  AGHHHH! Sure,… Continue reading Hearts, crap, and blog n jog….

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Weekend Healthy Girl Challenge * FOOD

I want to preface this with a note: We are getting snow this weekend.  It is supposed to start this evening and go through tomorrow afternoon.  The weather lady (who is not a winter fan either) says we won't get enough to matter.  Maybe 2 inches maybe nothing. I also want to remind you: Tonight… Continue reading Weekend Healthy Girl Challenge * FOOD