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Bad Experiences with Humanity

In the course of four days I have had two encounters with exceptionally rude people. I have to admit I'm pretty lucky and get to be around happy people who joke and smile.  But since last Thursday my run ins with psychotic rude people have been on the rise. I do not like it. Maybe we… Continue reading Bad Experiences with Humanity

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Easy Summer Dinners 2

You need this in your life.  Especially if you hate on shrimp (ahem, Missy.) It's time for episode two of my easy summer dinners that are healthy and made of something called real food. That chicken is pretty dang fabulous.  It's my awesome Mustard Basil Chicken and it's too easy to make. Here's what you need:… Continue reading Easy Summer Dinners 2

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Healthy Girl: Back in it to win it

I started back to my old habits last week. It feels good. Working out, eating right, the old song and dance that you (if you read regularly) are super aware of. Today I'm sharing a few things that I love that help making me a healthy girl easier. Vitamin Water XXX  Not only does the… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Back in it to win it

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Healthy Girl: Don’t Get Me Sick!

No, this isn't a post about proper hand washing.  But if you need that we can do that later. Today I'm writing about the issue at hand called Influenza and the other issue at hand called winter.  The only time I am not happy is when I am sick.  Anyone else feel that way?  That's… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Don’t Get Me Sick!

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HGHG: Kitchen Staples + Not So Low Country Shrimp & Grits Recipe

Hey pretty girl.  It's time for another Healthy Girl tip post.  Last time I shared the new take on healthy girl with you and also a recipe.  If you missed it I hope you will check it out by clicking here. Today we're looking at our grocery shopping trips. Do you ever feel annoyed when… Continue reading HGHG: Kitchen Staples + Not So Low Country Shrimp & Grits Recipe

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Healthy Girl: Rise & Shine

You look hungry. Here's my favorite tiny to no carb breakfast casserole to make on Sunday or Monday for the entire week.  It keeps me satiated and going strong through busy days.  (You should still eat some lunch!) I pair it with a little fruit or veggies depending on what my taste buds are craving.… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Rise & Shine