One Pan Meal

I was feeling fall food.  It was fall (according to the calendar) but also 87 degrees outside.  I should have opted for a nice summer salad but the craving for fall food overtook me.  Anyone else bad at labeling recipes for seasons?  I mean we all understand that a watermelon salad cannot really be eaten… Continue reading One Pan Meal

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They said SOUP (Part 2)

I wanted to write this post because this woman I'm sharing from is da bomb dot com (dating myself) when it comes to low carb masterpieces in the kitchen! Missy is out in Louisiana and she's doing this stupid lawyer thing when she should be writing cookbooks or on The Food Network.  (If that happens,… Continue reading They said SOUP (Part 2)

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Friday #34

We started prepping for back to school this week.  My kids were like: The alarm clock started going off at 6:45 for them and 5:30 for me.  They did well...I did okay.  Hehehe.  I must say that for three days they got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, and were ready to go out the door… Continue reading Friday #34

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310 Nutrition – Honestly.

Hi friends. Over the summer I had the pleasure (um...) of trying 310 Nutrition's Shakes, Lemonade, and Tea. I am not a "shake" person.  I do not like the idea of getting my nutrition from a liquid because I am not hooked up to a tube feed.  My digestive system works just fine and there… Continue reading 310 Nutrition – Honestly.