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Coffee Talk

Good morning, friends!  I'm out and about at work helping get a home ready for a wedding that is happening this weekend!  How exciting is that?  September is a great month for weddings.  You have summer you but also have everyone thinking fall so the color options can be simply stunning. But enough about that. … Continue reading Coffee Talk

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Currently (August?!)

Y'all it is August.  I know you know it.  I just feel the need to state the obvious.  The days are long but the years are short has never been more evident.  Today I am using a few words from the lovely Anne to put together my coffee talk post.  This post may or may… Continue reading Currently (August?!)


Currently: Starting, Hoping, Scheduling, & Playing

It's always fun to link up with Anne and her verbs 🙂  As of this Wednesday these are what make up this month's currently post. Starting back to a regular schedule.  The kids went back to school today.  I'm using today to finish up some things around the house that will allow me to just… Continue reading Currently: Starting, Hoping, Scheduling, & Playing

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Currently & Book Nerd

Time for Currently! with Anne In Residence- Birthday season just wrapped up in our home.  We celebrated our son's fifth birthday and daughter's tenth birthdays a week apart.  Now it is time to deck the halls with pumpkins, leaves, and the smell of cinnamon everywhere, right? Fall means television show season premiers.  I remember when… Continue reading Currently & Book Nerd