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This Ever Loving Week

Last weekend....   Last weekend was my husband's thirty-sixth birthday.  I decided to surprise him with an economical little get-a-way to Tennessee.  First things first:  We are not far from Tennessee.  Literally, I can cross the state line (northwest from me) in about an hour and fifteen minutes.  Second:  This was a last minute decision! … Continue reading This Ever Loving Week

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Happy 2k18 & How’s Your Head?

Welcome to the next year of your life.  Do you love bringing in the new year? I do.  This year we rang it in with friends at a party.  It was fun - maybe too much fun - but such a fun ending to 2017 and a super start to 2018. I have decided that… Continue reading Happy 2k18 & How’s Your Head?

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Favorite Things: July

Yay for my fun post....wait I think I have been churning out fun posts but hey...I'm biased. Favorite things for a fabulous month starts now! Spiked Seltzer - So this stuff is da bomb diggity.  I picked it up at Trader Joe's and must say the cranberry and grapefruit is my most favorite.  It is so… Continue reading Favorite Things: July