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Healthy Girl: Keep Eating

Fresh... Keep Eating Fresh! If this is the first HG post you have read then please do me a favor and click here to find out about this series we're in for August - Healthy Girl: Making August Count! We are in the thick of the transition from summer break to fall.  Some places around the… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Keep Eating

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It’s Party Time: A Lot of Food.

What makes a party? Food. Though you may sweat over the guest list or freak out over the décor - the food is the life of the party until Nelly comes on. Today we're going to talk about food and lots of it. If you weren't aware this is where your money goes when you… Continue reading It’s Party Time: A Lot of Food.

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Party Time: Let’s Decorate

I'm coming off a relaxing weekend at the beach.  So be forewarned this post may be filled with coastal colors! What's your most favorite part of planning a party?  Food?  Décor?  Games? I think the décor is my most favorite part with food coming in at a really close second.  Party food let's me experiment… Continue reading Party Time: Let’s Decorate

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Healthy Girl: Making August Count!

Y'all this has been making it's way around blogs, Pinterest, and social media like crazy lately: Whoever coined that phrase was really on to the exact mood that August gives me (and maybe you?) and for sure my kids!  Together we are all milking this last bit of summer time as hard as we can. … Continue reading Healthy Girl: Making August Count!