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This Ever Loving Week

Gooooood morning or whatever time of day you happen to be in.  It’s Friday so cheers and coffee mugs raised to all.  My day is work, school, good work, and a softball cookout.  After that I’m planning to be total white girl and vegging out on the couch to either a Hallmark movie or Live PD.  (My bet is Live PD wins tonight.)

I’m kind of falling off the blogosphere.  I have this idea that I will pick it back up later.  Ebbs and flows people.  Ebbs and flows.  That’s kind of my internet situation as well.  Sometimes it’s on point but most days its seriously lacking.  And that brings me to the true start of this post!

I want to cut the cord…

With satellite service.  Directv is no less than 671 channels of advertising/infomercials.  We have had satellite service for like fifteen years and I think its time we cut the cord.  We watch Netflix and Amazon tv all the time so…


Speaking of years….


I turned thirty-seven last week.  Almost two weeks in and I’m fine.  Still going strong.  I just hope that thirty-seven is a good year.c  Thanks again for this awesome shirt, Andrea!

Let’s look at the kids…


I mean I’m supposed to include them right?  The oldest is giving her campaign speech this afternoon at her school.  I am headed over to watch after I finish up PE for middle schoolers.  Home girl is way stoked to run for class secretary.

My little dude – ahhh – I’m soaking in all this kindergarten fun.  He came home from school wearing his pilgrim hat (am I the only person who immediately thinks of John Wayne?) and a noodle necklace because duh – all Native Americans wore Italian noodle necklaces.

Thanksgiving is next week but…

I wrapped three Christmas presents this week.  Oh yeah I sure did.  Only four more left to purchase.  Wait that doesn’t sound right…

Can I make a motion that adults only a) do gag gifts or b) play the white elephant game?  I’m kind of over buying gift cards and scarves.  Just sayin’.

Speaking of turkeys…

Per the usual the news is reporting salmonella.  Can I be real with you for a hot minute?  Hot is the key word.  People under cook birds all the time.  That can result in you getting sick.  Also, this little ditty called cross contamination is legit and therefore you should make sure anything that the raw turkey touches or that touches it should be cleaned in HOT, SOAPY water.  Oh and guess what?  That plastic that the bird is wrapped in?  It needs to be trashed and whatever it touched disinfected.

Common sense my lovies.

If you read Tuesday’s post….I’m cooking.

Thankful for food…

Maybe too thankful for food.  Y’all know I never weigh myself, right?  Well I don’t.  So sometime between March 2018 and November 2018 I gained some pounds.  I know exactly where it came from and where it settled.  This is going to make food season a whole helluvalot worse.  And if you’re wondering I suggest I gained the weight between 10/24 and 11/10.  Damn you holidays and birthday food.

Healthy Girl is moving to food on Monday…if her internet is working.

This girl is helping give the food to others this afternoon.  Make sure you give food to others too.  Donate to drives, banks, closets, or just make a loved one a little something special.  You don’t need a holiday to do that, ya know.

Pop culture takes over…

I watched an hour of an awards show this week.  I hate awards shows.  I think I watched the Pop Awards live from Nashville.  Did anyone else get excited when you heard Ricky Skaggs, 1980s gold country?  Literally, I grew up on that.

One of my favorite podcasts – The Pop Cast – well they have been promoting co-podcaster Knox’s new book like crazy.  I gave in an used my Audible credit to buy it.  His humor is my humor.  I’m seven chapters in and loving it.  Really, who hasn’t tried to give lead your dog to salvation?  It’s called The Wandering Years and Knox McCoy is your author.

OK, me, I haven’t.

I keep forgetting to DVR Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I figure that’s divine intervention.

So I was meandering through Netflix the other night and stumbled upon a show called Rectify.  It only has two stars and I think that’s because the acting is a little odd.  The main character is a mix between Forrest Gump and Sling Blade’s very quiet cousin who has never been a real character ever.  It makes me want to read up on criminal law and double jeopardy and all kinds of other legal lingo because I’m not so sure this could happen in reality.  If you’re wondering, Daniel at age 18 confesses to raping and killing his girlfriend.  He spends 20 years on death row.  DNA evidence emancipates him.  He’s trying to adjust to life outside of death row while the state tries to re-build a case against him.  (Missy, is that really possible?)  Anyway, it’s intrigued me and I’m four or five episodes in.  If I didn’t have work and an engagement to attend Saturday – I would so binge the damn show.

Sgt Butters…

Keeping in line with the law…

Our local police department made the local news.  They adopted a cat they found and he is a “therapy” cat.  His name is Sgt Butters.  I just cannot.

My cat is pretty psychotic.  She thinks my fake plants are real.  She also likes to pounce on nothing.  Yeah. Ok.

A happy weekend to all and to all…

A good night I hope.  I will be freezing at the little celebration for the softball team.  Tomorrow I get to see my bestie as I take the trek up the big hill to her church for a women’s table fest thing.  (They are popular down here in the belt.  Nothing says praising the Lord quite like decorating a table over the top…)

I am looking forward to turkey on Sunday at my mama’s house.  You know I don’t eat mac and cheese but apparently my mac and cheese is the bomb dot com.  It has been requested.  Carbs for all…but me.  Shucks.






8 thoughts on “This Ever Loving Week”

  1. AWWW! That is so sweet that a dish of yours gets requested! That means you have officially arrived! To the true Thanksgiving Feast, my dear! Have fun with your girlfriend and don’t freeze at the softball party! I’ve seen that book all over social media and wondered what it was about! Happy Friday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah the carb dish of carb dishes that I don’t even eat. Well at least I am giving love to others lol! I will freeze tonight. I am not built like the others. Just know I always loved you if I perish due to hypothermia. Xo


  2. Seriously you already wrapped 3 Christmas presents! I haven’t even started shopping. I’ve got to get my act together. I wish I could cut off cable but I am so addicted to HGTV and Food Network and I would miss all of my shows that I watch on a weekly basis. I watch way too much TV. I hope you have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Here I thought I was good getting out the decor, but wrapping, well that is on it!!!! You look soooo adorable In Your tee! Have so much fun with the bestie! And love you More than the moistesss turkey!!!!! xo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I cut the cord when the ex and I broke up and have never looked back. We watch Amazon and Netflix and borrowed HBO only and live to tell about it. I have some of those rogue pounds too, I need to stop eating, like at all lol! Have a fantastic weekend being fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

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