To Thanksgiving or Not To Thanksgiving

This is a food post.  Not a philosophical look at turkey day.

You can breathe now.

Once upon a time Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday.  Then last year came and screwed that up.  Our annual treks to the mountains and getting a tree ended.  I didn’t realize it was ending for good until my husband changed careers.

So now I’m on the look out for a new favorite holiday and I’m trying to decide –

Do I cook or don’t I cook.

I have two options on the table:

  1.  Cracker Barrel.

I am not going to lie to you.  I could live off Cracker Barrel every day of the year.  I love that place.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting older (bahahahhah) you know my aunt and uncle and everyone in their age group cannot get enough of that place so maybe I am on to something?

Here’s the deal they have the best freaking turkey and dressing and sides and biscuits – have you had their damn biscuits?  Those things are pillows of heaven.

If I want I can order from CB for Thanksgiving.  Here’s the low down:

Heat n' Serve Holiday Family Meal To-Go

That’s option number one.  It’s a heat and serve style meal.  They cook it I heat it.  I’m feeding four not forty so um…oh and it’s $110.00

Homestyle Turkey n' Dressing Family Meal To-Go

And there’s option number two.  It feeds six (I think.) It’s $67.99

The pros to either of these – 1.  I don’t cook.  2.  I don’t have really anything to clean up.

The cons – 1.  The cost of this????

Option two is that I do cook.

In all my life I have never cooked a turkey.  My mom can make a great one in a crock pot. I guess I could try that?

Slow Cooker Herbed Turkey Breast:  Perfect turkey breast EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!  Easy method for cooking moist and tender whole turkey breast roast! #turkey #slowcookerturkey

I could do up the sides…

My kids must have mac and cheese – I could actually take the time to make the real kind (move over Kraft).  I could also fix up a mess of green beans and collard greens.  I’m sure my husband would want mashed potatoes.  And if I was feeling extra lovely I would make hash-brown casserole.

Right now as I type this up and I’m doing the math to see if I’m spending more at Food Lion to make my own meal…

Yep, that’s me looking at the parking lot at Food Lion….

Then there is dessert.  I think I need to bring this classic back to life:

Easy No Bake Pumpkin Pie Recipe with Cool Whip - This recipe is delicious, so creamy and lots of flavor!
Such a classic and it’s been DECADES since I made it.

Now let’s add in the other weight to the scale…

  1.  If I order from CB then that means I have to (get to?) leave the house and pick it up on Turkey Day.  That means I cannot stay in my pajamas/sweats all day.  I will have to put on my face because one simply cannot go to the Cracker Barrel on a holiday in sweats, messed up hair, and without foundation – that is a sin against the country.
  2. If I make the food at home I will drive a mere five minutes to the store the day before the blessed event.  I will still need to look presentable but it’s way more do-able the day before since you know…I go to work.
  3. Let’s just be real my grocery bill will probably be $70.  And I will have leftovers.
  4. I will be cleaning my kitchen on Thanksgiving if I cook.  Oh what the hell?  I am cleaning my kitchen every day anyway.
  5. I have all day to cook because we won’t get to eat as a family until the evening.
  6. Cracker Barrel doesn’t serve Cabernet

Well number six helped me decide!

So guys, what’s your Thanksgiving deal?  Do you cook?  Do you travel?  Do you eat Chinese? Spill it!




8 thoughts on “To Thanksgiving or Not To Thanksgiving”

  1. Oh Cracker Barrel sounds like a plan to me right now. I love it there too. I am hosting for the first time in years and my very critical aunt is coming. Mom is doing the turkey and stuffing and I’m doing the rest. I’ll be needing that Cabernet, lol.

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    1. We don’t do extended family stuff. Wait – correction we do have a Thanksgiving style meal the weekend prior to Thanksgiving with my mom, her brother, and his family. There is my medically high (if we are lucky) other uncle, my two cousins who are very worthy of the title strange along with their quite peculiar beaus, my sweet aunt, my uncle who loves to tell as many stories as possible in the time given, and us. I doubt my brother and his very expectant wife show up. They are the PdubT sector who only want to get drunk therefore making us not cool enough. 😂 Enjoy your aunt lol!


  2. We go to my mom’s every year for Thanksgiving and I just have to bring the pies (which I buy from a local bakery)! But if we didn’t do that, I would absolutely do Cracker Barrel! I’m sad your Thanksgiving tradition is no more 😦

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  3. I cook, I look like a hot sweaty mess in leggings and an oversized flannel and I feed about 30 people and it is one of my favorite days of the year! I give me a house full of people to feed and I am one happy lady!

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    1. I like having lots of friends over but haven’t attempted a second Friendsgiving since our first one four or five years ago. Too bad I am not on the other side of the country or I would come over to your home!!!


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