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Healthy Girl: Don’t be a turkey…

Hey girls.

Time for a little motivation on this Monday!

Last week I took some time and blogged about Seasonal Affective Disorder.  You can check that post by clicking right here.


Seasonal Affective Disorder is when our moods drop due to cold temperatures, long periods of darkness, short days…ahem we call it winter.

The post from last week shared some ideas to help combat SAD and one of the tips was to get your butt in action!  AKA work out.

A long time ago I posted how exercise is good for your brain. Basically what exercise does is tell your brain to release the good feeling hormones so that your life is so much better.  I paraphrased that into layman’s terms.

And girl you want to feel GOOD!

We especially need those happy hormones to be triggered during these dark months!

Now I’m not a medical doctor and I want you to use common sense – if you are able to then you should be making that body happy and healthy by finding a workout you love.

If I look at my gym’s current offerings I see some amazing classes that will fit anyone’s interest!  And guess what?  You don’t have to be a workout pro.  You should see me in a Combat class – I’m a clown!  I’m not good with choreography and am often lost but guess what?  I keep pushing forward (even if I’m doing the right side when it’s supposed to be the left side.)

Zumba, kettlebell, pilates, Body Pump, cycle, yoga, water aerobics, core training, and that’s just a few offerings!

Even if you aren’t into a group setting get a friend and hit up the machines.  You know this is good for you!

Aside from your brain exercise is needed for your hips…butt…thighs…stomach….arms….legs…


Ummm hello Halloween candy that just got dumped into the trash.  Oh I see you over there sweet potato pie.  You cannot hide from me Holiday parties and get togethers with the best bad for you food ever.

Yes, we are in the holiday season and that means we tend to put too much crap in our pie holes!  Fight the dang caloric war by exercising!  Did you know the average person gains 1-10lbs during the time between Thanksgiving and December.  One pound may not seem like a lot but ten pounds seems to be too much weight to put on in a short amount of time!

The best way to fight the gain is to shake your groove thang.

You can so quote me on that.

So what shall our recipe for success be?

How about we start small?  Ninety minutes a week focused on exercise.  That could be three thirty minute sessions, two forty-five minute ones, or thirty minutes today and an hour later in the week!  You know what will work for your schedule so make it happen.

OK let’s recap this post…

  1.  Help reduce SAD by getting exercise in your weekly schedule.  Work hard, have fun, and let your brain reward you by releasing the good chemicals to make you feel good!
  2. Help eliminate weight gain by exercising a minimum of ninety minutes per week this month!  Find your favorite and do it to it! Start small with some good ole treadmill walking *utilize the incline button* or mix up a couple classes!
  3. No one can do this but you!  You are in charge of taking the best care of your body, mind, and spirit.  Take the initiative and do what Bieber said:  Love yourself.

Now a little side story…

I wanted to get back to Body Pump but due to some physical issues (more like physiological) I’m not supposed to really lift any weight at all.  I could let that continue stopping me from attending Pump but I decided (last week) I would go and be that girl who was in a weight training class sans weights.

When you go to a class for the first time or if you have had a change in your workout due to physical limitations or illness please tell the instructor before class gets started.  If they know the 411 then they can help you out even more!  You want to get the best bang for your workout buck.  I followed this rule and told both Sherrie and Lindsay that I wasn’t supposed to be lifting anything.  Now they knew I wasn’t a total weirdo.

For an hour I used my own body weight for resistance.  I did squats, lunges, sit ups, pulses, and to be totally truthful with you – I grabbed my sweet workout buddy’s small plates and during seated training used them (it was only 5lbs so I felt like it would be ok.)

You know what?  No one cared that my (then) thirty-six year old booty was bar-free.  No one gave two rat’s tails that I was doing squats without weight on my shoulders.  Not one person even looked at me.

Trying to get fit - funny exercise class thoughts!

Ladies this is the point:  So many women do not go to classes because they think they are Kim Kardashian and everyone will spend the entire time staring at them.  Y’all are wrong!!!  You are you and guess what – you are welcome!  Everyone in class is focused on their own work and the instructors and how super human they are with their incredible abilities.  Nobody cares about the girl who cannot use the bar and nobody is going to be caring about your shy butt either.  Take the classes.  You will not be upset that you did.  I promise.



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