Not An Election Day Post…

Did you really think I would waste space today on writing anything political?  Smiles on dogs, whispers in dark places, I just don’t do politics.  So I was going to do a food post and just press on but I guess I need to be kind of festive because today is the day I entered this world.


My favorite birthday cake flavor changes every year.  For ever I wanted carrot cake.  But I’m kind of over that.  My daughter got me on shadow cake.  I’m kinda impartial on it now.  My mom always liked Italian Crème and I do love that one.  Something that would be fun to me is a slice of every cake at Ketchie Creek (the bakery in town) for me to devour.  But that’s not happening LOL so I think I may squeeze in there today and see what peeks my interest and get a slice.

I do not like sprinkles.  I hate the idea of candy on my cake.  It should be noted I think fondant is the most disgusting sh** ever. The one thing I can ask of in a cake is about two inches of icing….I’m a five year old at heart!

No parties for me.  This is birthday thirty-seven it’s not a milestone birthday or even a multiple of five so no one really cares LOL!  I was trying to get a little dinner together (because lame people plan their own birthday stuff) but it I scratched it.

I like to find a new beverage to try on my birthday.  Last year I fell in love with the Southern Peach which was a bourbon drink.  It was divine.

I doubt we do anything for my birthday this year.  I will probably treat myself to some Dunkin’ Donuts before work and then go vote after work.  I plan to go to Metabolic for a good work out!  Oh and treat myself to a hair day at some point this week too.

Back In 1981 Newspaper-Style DIGITAL Poster 1981 Birthday

Happy birthday to all my other Scorpios out there!



4 thoughts on “Not An Election Day Post…”

  1. HAPPY BIRTH-YAY!!!!! You know I love you to the moon and back and I hope you have all kinds of joys today!!!! No sprinkles for me either sista!!! Wish I could eat a slice with you my darling birthday babe!!!!!! HUGS on this sweet day and everyday!!!

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