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Healthy Girl: It’s time to talk SAD!


Time to buckle down, bitties.  The time of year of all things full fat are upon us.  I wanted to take two seconds of your time to talk about what happened over the weekend and how it effects our healthy lifestyles!

What happened over the weekend?

The time changed!  I hate it so much.  This is a major factor in many aspects of our health and wellness.

SADSeasonal Affective Disorder is real and this is the time of year that it  begins it’s manifestation.  People like me who need sunshine to thrive can really get down in the dumps when the sunshine is limited – think grey days, stuck inside, and when you enter the parking lot it the hope of any sunshine is replaced with stars and moonshine.

Keys to help allieviate the effects of SAD include:

Get outside honey. :: Original Quote Art Print

Getting outside during the daylight hours – take breaks outside, lunch outside, go for a walk.

Setting up your physical activity (exercise) to be outdoors, especially on weekends!

Fake light sounds crazy but for some it works.  You can buy light boxes and find thirty minutes each day to sit in front of them or have them on you while you are working.  This helps tell the brain not delay the release of melatonin which will help you be more alert during those groggy winter days.

Go On See How Your Doctor Responds -

Go see your doctor.  Let’s be honest SAD is a type of depression and it needs medical treatment.  You aren’t crazy or nuts you’re normal.  There are bazillions of folks with SAD.  By talking to your doctor you may be able to benefit from a mild medication to help pull you through the tough, dark, cold winter months.

Don’t quit exercising.  Months ago I shared with you the mental benefits of exercise.  Go on with yourself, girlfriend.  Keep those sweat sessions up under the fluorescent lights of the gym.  Nothing will benefit you more than punching, running, pedaling, and dancing!  Gyms are open 24/7 – 365 – they are your non-medical best friend.  Here’s an article from PopSugar Fitness that is great about putting a plan in perspective!

Ok - I bought some leather for $8, making simple journal cover, and will attach this pen holder)... maybe :)

Create a routine and do not deviate from it.  This is so crucial for anything “tough” in our lives. Routines keep us regimented and steady and in control.  Those are keys to keeping ourselves from succumbing to SAD in the cold months.  Wake up at the same time every day, get dressed, put on your face (my southern self coming out), get outside, do the work, meet the friends, put in the gym time, unwind, decompress, go to sleep, and do it all again!  I will be talking more about routines very soon on the blog!

Some research suggests a Vitamin D supplement will help you with mental function during the winter.  That’s a very inexpensive and healthy addition to your day to try.

Get out your calendar!  Probably one of the most fun parts to keeping SAD at bay or away is to get out your calendar and plan as many dates as you can!  Maybe it’s dinner dates with your significant other, movie dates, shopping trips, exploration day trips, or a nice winter vacation – the more you stay active the better off you will be this winter!

I hope these tips help you out as we begin a new season!

Andrea, over at TBB, shared this for a link up today I thought I would be a lazy girl and add the image to the end of today’s post with my answers!  Happy month of Thanksgiving!







2 thoughts on “Healthy Girl: It’s time to talk SAD!”

  1. Oh m goodness, you crack me up with the circles and answers on the graphic..actually brilliant!! And DST…sucks!! And yes, I had it backwards last week, it’s darker I am SAD too, lol! Happy Birthday eve baby!!! xo


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