Lazy Sunday: What do you do?

How did that time change treat ya?  I woke up at the “regular” time it was just an hour earlier than what the clock normally says.  Imagining that tomorrow will not feel as easy as today…that I am.

Currently, I’m curled up in my wing back chair with the Saints game on the television.  I will pull for the Saints over the Rams.  Go ahead, egg me.  You know I’m just killing time until my boys play in the prime time game.  My boys that drive me crazy this season.

My husband is asleep next to me.  Of course in a different chair.  I mean if we were both in this wing back chair it would be a little uncomfortable and just flat out weird.  My kids are curled up on their couch in the adjoining room.  They are fighting that common Sunday afternoon struggle of staying awake, trying to stuff their faces while they slip in and out of consciousness, and being a victim to the stupid cartoons that I cannot quite understand no matter how many thirty second intervals I give them.

I want one with you.... I'm glad you feel safe in my arms baby!!! I love you so much!!!!

I’m blogging this afternoon not to give you a descriptive narrative on my current status but to ask a question I pose over and over but never really on the blog:

What do you do on Sunday to prep for the week?

I know there are no short of fifty-seven billion pins related to this one topic.  They are kind of a big fat redundancy of the same stuff different website.

Meal Prep seems to be a popular option.  Yeah, I don’t do that.  If you count making the calendar for the week that goes on the fridge and writing what’s for dinner on the bottom of line of each day – I got that going on like a cheerleader in a basket toss.  But no I am not the girl who will set aside four hours to slice, dice, chop, precook, cook, freeze.  No.

Today I did do something new to me.  I pre-made the kids’ lunches for the week.  And no it wasn’t the same thing in five different containers.  I cannot do that.  This isn’t prison.  This is lunch.  We may have zero leftovers after I did that but hey at least my kids will have a diverse meal plan for the week.

Outfit Prep I used to be the bomb.com on this one.  I suck at it now.  Literally, I go to the clothing bin and pull out my daily outfits the day of.  Then I get pissed off that the black cardigan is MIA.  Well butter my biscuit I actually took the seven minutes and pulled out four outfits and neatly folded them and placed them where I can grab them each morning.  This is probably a once in a lifetime gig for me so I’m going to relish in it.

When my daughter was itty bitty I always hung her outfits for each day of the week.  It was fun.  It was like working in Baby Gap minus the annoying mom shoppers.  Now I cannot even act like I like an outfit of her’s or she rips it off and runs off to put on something I find weird.

I still have my little dude.  One issue with him – last week he decided he hated jeans.  I am still crying.  Damn you kindergarten…

Review your calendar for the week SCORE this I can get behind.  Now I get to share how crazy I am with you all.  I have three calendars.  (OCD much?)  I have the one on the fridge that I expect every literate person in my home to review.  I have the one in my bag that keeps much more detail on each seven inch block of lines per day.  Then there is the one in my phone.  I love my calendars and pretending I have it all together.

Complete chores that will make your week easier No, I don’t care to.  Here’s what I do on Sunday – laundry, take out the trash/recycle, and that is that.  Why we gotta forget sabbath?  I don’t want to wash dishes (so we eat out), I don’t want to scrub floors (that’s called procrastinate until you lose your mind because no one has picked up the damn gum wrapper beside the kitchen island for four days.)  I want to do the bare minimal and watch football.

Y’all I don’t even tell my kid to clean her room on Sundays.  I would much rather her complain and pout on a random Tuesday.

Practice self care I kind of suck at this one too.  Sundays are good for workouts but I tend to steer clear of them on Sundays.  Yoga is really great on Sundays but yeah the only yoga I have done today is trying to find my zen while I held a three month old who did not have happy within a fifty mile radius of her radar.

I can tell you some things I will do.  I will get so fresh and so clean.  I will apply my antiwrinkle, antiaging, antialmostforty, antibadstuff creams and serums.  I will give myself a lip treatment.  I will brush my teefs.  I will use some good lotion to combat the areas that tease me with psoriasis.  I will, I will, I will.

Go to bed early Can someone define early?  If this means before 11 I will try.  If this means when the sun sets…out of luck bud it’s 5:16pm and the sun has pretty much left the hemisphere.

So now I want to pose that question to you…what do you do on Sunday to prep for the week?  Is there something that isn’t being said?  Is there something I need to learn to love that I currently do not?  Am I throwing too much shade on early to bed?

Let me know.



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