Hello, Saturday

My kids want me to get dressed and take them to iHop.

They want the Grinch breakfast.

I need to go to Lifeway.

CSB She Reads Truth Bible, Gray Linen

I am tired of reading the Life Application Bible.  It’s not giving me what I need when I read.  After some major research I have decided to go for the Christian Standard Bible.  I like something written in the language I speak. <wink, nod>

My mama’s birthday is tomorrow.

Image result for pretty box

I have zero ideas as to what to get her so I’m letting the kids do the shopping.  Everything means more when a six and eleven year old get it, right?  She’s spending the weekend at her beach place so life isn’t too hard at fifty-four.


So it sucks to report that I failed to soak the pinto beans so I could put them in the slow cooker today.  I had planned on us having those for dinner both Saturday and Sunday.  Epic failure over here.  I guess I will just have to make Tractors & Glam’s Butterscotch Oatmeal cookies.

I may be putting together my screened in porch today.  Wait there is no may. I will be.  Sure the furniture is all off the market until March but I can work with what I have.  My goal is to have coffee out there tomorrow morning.  I may be bundled up like I live in Greenland but it will be worth it.

Time to get moving…



4 thoughts on “Hello, Saturday”

  1. OH I love you! Thanks for the shout out. Most importantly…I live in such a small town and in the PNW I didn’t even know LifeWay was a store…just a website! Hahaha! I need a new Bible (mine is full of notes and highlighter) so let me know what you think and what you find! Please, please pretty please! Loved your gifts this morning on Instagram…that Andrea is just the sweetest!

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