Hey November.

Month 11/12 of 2018.


My goals for this month are to keep my house neat and tidy, work out more, eat smart.  That’s it.

I really wish that I could set a goal list for the world like BE NICER but I cannot command the world.  However, I can command my world to be not nice but kind.

Kind is more powerful than nice.  Nice is grinning through your teeth and in actuality that isn’t one bit kind.  That’s tolerating.

I hate tolerating.

Tolerating sounds rude.

But if we are kind I think we are making a genuine choice to be gentle.

And we need more gentleness.

I am thankful for the fact I grew up learning that kindness is worth more than a million dollars.  I am thankful that not everyone has been kind to me and I haven’t been totally kind to everyone else because I LEARNED from all of that.

It has made me a better person in my nearly thirty-seven years.

Kindness isn’t loud.

Kindness doesn’t brag.

Kindness is the cousin to love.  It’s the first cousin to be exact.  I think when we exude true kindness we are showing love.





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