What's Up Wednesday

What’s up?

Whatever fun you have scheduled for this evening – I wish you well.



Eating –

Last week I posted out a Healthy Girl regarding what I’m over indulging in at the current time.  That most still remains true.  Check it out.

Dinners this week are Hello Fresh x2, out to celebrate the last softball game of the fall, and pintos with cornbread.

I also learned that I can buy rye chips instead of picking through the Chex Mix bag.  This is life changing!

With all the pumpkin love going on I made a few loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip loaf.  It was fabulous.

Loving –

Our trip to TN for the hubby’s birthday.  So happy we live so close to a beautiful state.

This kick off softball season for my daughter has been super fun for her.  I have loved watching her really enjoy a sport and being a member of a team that she has connected with.  Last year she tried basketball and though she was about eighteen inches taller than the other players she finished the season telling me it just “wasn’t her thing.”  (No problem kiddo I do not like it myself.)  We wrapped up ball last night and it will be something she misses until it kicks back up in the spring.

Dreading –

I generally answer “nothing” to this question but at the current time I do have a little dread.  It is the wrath of candy.  I cannot allow candy to stay in my house.  I have zero control when it comes to chocolate and Starbursts.

Working on –

My next chapter.  It has me in purgatory right now…

Excited about –

Remembering this is my word of the year and also acknowledging I don’t get excited much anymore all I can say is I’m excited about coffee dates with Elizabeth.

Watching –

Aside from the regular shows I have added these to my DVR:

The Conners, The Kids Are Alright, A Million Little Things…

Reading –

Image result for french exit

French Exit  (Patrick deWitt) – This was a funny one and a quick read.  It’s about a widow, her son, and their cat who they believe holds the spirit of their late husband/father.

Dumplin’  (Julie Murphy) – I actually read the sequel to this book first, oops.

Image result for robyn harding her pretty face

Her Pretty Face (Robyn Harding) – I read this in two days its a really good book.  Like go get it if you like thrillers.

Listening to –

Podcasts adding to the regulars are:

The Popcast with Knox & Jamie and The Bible Binge with Knox & Jamie.

I’m kind of out of the music loop since my Sirius XM ran out.  Uncool. (It would be a great birthday present for me…just saying.)

Wearing –

Since I’m constantly freezing I am wearing a lot of jeans and sweaters.  Since it’s raining a lot I’m always in my duck boots.  I have a closet of new clothes that I am hoping I get to sport soon.  (OK not a closet full but ya get me…?)

If you look up at the collage of photos you will see one thing I will never wear…

And my new Helena Bonham Carter inspired makeup is pretty on point!

This weekend –

My mom’s birthday is Sunday.

I may be a little angry that daylight savings time starts on Sunday.  I really don’t handle that well!  GIVE ME SUNSHINE!

Next month –

I plan to eat turkey.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing
Happy Halloween from my little boogers to you!





2 thoughts on “What’s up?”

  1. Happy all Hallow’s ween babe….Use your will power, let’s do this…..are you gonna get your Christmas on tomorrow? I’ll be listening to Fa la la. That is right, your mom’s is Sunday, my mom’s on Monday and then bam…my baby sis on Election Day!! LOVE that last picture to bits, your little goblins are the CUTEST!!! Love you, hope the day is nothing but sweet and just a few treats!! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Probably will not get my Christmas on tomorrow but will be taking down my Halloween stuff after work! My husband would be sick if I didn’t allow fall to have it’s last bash! Wishing you a wonderful day, big sis! xo


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