This Ever Loving Week

In case you weren’t aware – this is the last Friday of October.  If that doesn’t pee in your corn flakes then I don’t know what will.  Guys, from this point forward 2018 is going to hit the nitrous and zoom on out.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about that!  Oh well let’s just look back at this week!

Last weekend was pretty legit.

Last Saturday morning we woke up to rain.  Football was cancelled, my husband was home – we did the family thing.  All of us loaded up in the truck and headed to Waffle House.  If that ain’t country you can….

So we’re all sitting at the bar watching the waffle maker make his waffles just chilling out.  Our waitress lacked but hey it is Waffle House.  Then we went to pay and she said, “It’s Christmas because a gentleman already took care of your bill.”

Pretty awesome indeed.

After errands we headed to little man’s friend’s birthday party at a big fat corn maze.  It was a wonderful birthday party and the kids had a ball playing in pipes and running around like wild banshees.



Upon the completion of that party we headed to party two for my dear friend Misty.  She turned the big 4-0 this month and her sister and dad threw a party in she and her mom’s honor.  It was nice to be included and we had a nice time visiting with their very large in numbers family!

A take away you should learn if you ever come down to the land of pastures, thickets, and dirt roads:  The best get togethers are held in fields and backyards.  They involve a cooker, a fire, and music.

If this week were a balance beam I would be tilting from side to side –

Monday I had an appointment which caused me to have to change my entire schedule for the week.  But I was excited to get to a mid day cycle class.  Sprint 13 kicked my tail!

Tuesday was spot on normal.

Wednesday was anything but normal.  The golden light of that day was not the 100% pure cranberry juice I was downing (slowly) but that I was able to just sit and be for about an hour.  THEN I got rewarded by getting some hang time with Elizabeth!  How did we crush our awesome forty minutes?  Getting those steps in, y’all.  The weather was too perfect at sixty-two degrees (yes I wore two layers) for us to not take a hike.

i'm tired of migraines - Google Search

I gotta share that yesterday I was feeling rough.  I had the type of brain fog that the lights cannot even cut through.  Work was a full load.  I powered through.  I took a B12.  I led football practice.  I made dinner.  I conquered.  I slept.

Childhood Cancer

Can I just share some GOODNESS! Two boys in my community were diagnosed with Leukemia in September.  They are both young men (middle/high school ages) and their families were devastated by the news as any of us would be.  Well after nearly two months of treatment they both had their scans done to see how the chemo was working – y’all…there are no leukemia cells showing up in their lab work!  How awesome is that?!?!  I’m over here in tears because I have had these boys and their families on my heart and been lifting them up in prayer so much.  I’m thrilled, I’m in awe, and I’m telling you sending positive love, energy, and prayer does work.  

I had to bold that.  It’s just too good.


Today is Friday and I am sitting in the service department of the dealership getting my free oil change completed on the car.  I have prepared myself by bringing a fully charged phone, charger for said phone, book, calendar, and notebook.  I also packed along a snack and I may have went by ole Sixbucks and got a Venti size beverage.

I swear going to a dealership is like packing for a long car ride with three year olds.  In this case I am the three year old.

This weekend is looking HOT!  Well not really (today’s high is 45).  We’ve got some fun things going on like football in the morning, a Halloween party in the evening.  Don’t you dare think I have not set up the first Christmas movie of the season (yeah I know it isn’t the season) to record tomorrow night on the ole Hallmark station.

Sunday you can find me at church learning the little printer namer thingamajigger machine and then that evening handing out candy to kids at the same place.  We had a blast participating in trunk or treat last year so we signed up to do it again.  Anyone who wishes to pass out candy with me is totally invited to since I just caught on that my husband will probably be at work – UGHHHH!

OK on the blog this week I posted out TWICE –

Healthy Girl

Wait, what?

Have a great end to your October, friends!  See ya next week.


8 thoughts on “This Ever Loving Week”

  1. Such wonderful news about the two boys that are no longer ill! God is good! For the last two Saturday mornings, Wayne and I have been leaving the 13 year old in the bed and we’ve been high-tailing it to Waffle House at like around 7AM! Not sure if this is just a “thing” or if we’re starting a tradition, but I’m loving it! Hope you have another fun weekend and that you are rain free!!

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  2. Happy Fri-YAY babe! I mentioned you today in my post..I’m so giddy about getting this Halloween thingy done and let the Christmasing begin!! Hope you’re getting some quiet downtime at the car dealership..I treasure those times, lol! Love ya..hope your weekend is cozy and fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay for the leukemia free bold paragraph! What awesome news. What nice man to pick up your waffle house. I cannot remember the last time I had that, I might need to add that to the list too! I was at the dealership last Friday and armed myself similarly. I could not concentrate, it was a zoo. Stay warm my friend, that is too cold for October!

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