This Ever Loving Week!

Ummm, where did this week go?  I mean I’m not saying it flew by but it kinda did.  I posted out twice this week and one of my posts is featured over on The Blended Blog today (what the what?!?!)  Actually, thanks to Sarah for featuring me because it gave me the much needed push to write a post for the weekend slash Friday.

So after you are finished up reading here (because it’s just so dang good you cannot turn away and all that crap) I want you to click to The Blended Blog and read all that goodness.

You just shook on it so you’ll have to do it.

OK let’s piece together this week…

Last weekend…

Oh guys it was great!  Friday I only had one kid and we watched Sweeney Todd I may have mentioned that in another post.  Sorry but musicals just don’t scare me and that’s EXACTLY why we watched it.  (The kids did not have school because Hurricane Michael visited us and tore us up in some areas.)

Saturday night was super fun.  We kicked off fall with the first dose of fall weather (hello fifties) and a chicken stew.  If you follow my IG or Facebook then you know I live streamed the music.  Why?  Because when you are in the Southland and drinking a beer while eating chicken stew you tend to Live Stream either Sweet Home Alabama or  Wagon Wheel.  Just a nugget of info for you.

Did you see my boys win on Sunday night?  I did and I also painted pumpkins with my kids.

The week…

I may or may not have spent my week with Kinders and first graders.  Then again I may have.  Yes, you saw a pretty classroom (that décor is amazing) on a platform this weekend because all the color (along with the silence, God bless you lunch time) was just too happy to not share.

No…I’m not going back to that gig.  Just filling in a little.  That’s all.

I didn’t realize how much I missed….

Pretty clothes.

And to think you were thinking, “her twenties.”


This week has been fun with me breaking out of the work out wear to put on my pretty stuff.  Actually, I even went and purchased a few new pieces this morning before going in.  I’ll share it later.  But know it is fabulous.

If you know me you know I don’t do….

Cold weather.  Last night it dropped to like forty-five.  I died inside.  My bed has two quilts on it now.  I may sleep in pants, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt.  I may also be on a mission to find some replacement slippers tonight.

Last night while at the softball field I stopped feeling my fingers.

Fall didn’t even want to drop in.  Per the usual it goes to too dang cold for a cold natured Carolina girl.

All the animals were out…

AT THE ZOO!  (Yesterday!)  So no our zoo didn’t have a mass walk out.  I got to chaperone my daughter’s trip to the zoo yesterday.  It was a perfect day for the zoo because the weather was cool (it was sixty something) and the animals loved it.  They were all out – having breakfast – and the kids were able to see them up close.

My favorite?  Totally the gorillas.  There were seven out!  They were doing yoga.  Well, that’s what I told the kids!  I couldn’t get a photo because of the light.

Hello Fresh has been saving our hungry butts…

Here’s a code for you to get $40 off.

While I am sharing….

If you asked who my hero is….

I’m a junkie for her clothes and style

Being an NC girl this thrilled me to pieces. Tobacco built my state and so many families were kept stable by it. YAY science!

Tonight I am going to…

Spend money.  Just being honest.  I have two birthdays tomorrow and a kitchen that needs a little restock of breakfast stuff.  The kids are off to a party so I’m off to be a grown up.

And to think “be a grown up” was what I was striving for back in the day…

This weekend is looking cold and fun.  I will try to keep the comment of “I’m FREEZING” to a bare minimum.







7 thoughts on “This Ever Loving Week!”

    1. Today we’re headed to 70 with rain. And I get to stand on a football field in the rain. Then go walk a corn maze…in the rain. Then go to a birthday party…in the rain. LOL


  1. I have been sleeping in a sweater too. Finally caved and put the heating on – only because ‘the others’ made me do it. You really look great in the ‘pretty clothes’ – I get like that too – what is your style’ – sporty? Sweet Home Alabama… love it! Saw Lynard Skynard live once – too cool. Hope you are having a great weekend xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL I am not a Skynard fan! I think if you saw them you saw the puzzle piece version since half the real ones died many years ago! Wrapping up a chapter of work to move into another chapter so my clothing changes. XO LOVE!


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