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Pinned It!

Time to (over???) share what all I have pinned lately on the ole Pinterest board.  I love doing these posts.  Sometimes they just make me laugh!  I look back and see the last few things I have pinned and try to figure out why in the world I did choose some of them!

Before I get started I wanted to share my daughter discovered Pinterest for herself recently.  I am aware now how annoying this app/site can be thanks to my sweet eleven year old girl.  She follows me around to show me funny memes.  Sometimes I turn around and her screen is in my face showing me the most awesome outfit ever.


Well my turn to do that to you?!

You know I always loved you, right?

Pinned It!

10 Easy Halloween Costumes You Can Make With Stuff You Already Have

Can I share that I hate Halloween?  I do.  I’m sorry.  I’m really not sorry but whatever.  I just have never really got into the whole dressing up and getting candy.  If I want candy then I can go to Walmart and buy some.

Anyway, my kids like Halloween.  They rightfully should, I guess.  I mean dressing up in costume is what childhood is about, right?  My daughter used Pinterest to formulate ideas for her costume this year.  I used it to locate Steve from Minecraft (I’m that mom who says, “Minecraft?  Ok.  Yeah.  Whatever.”  So I located Steve and while locating Steve I thought, “Dammit, I should be a good mom and dress up.”

I inserted this term, “Easy mom costumes”—- then I realized that I could get some really messed up pin options with that terminology.

Shockingly enough – I did not.  I guess the gods of the Pinterest land decided they were smart and realized it was October so I didn’t need bad lady cop lingerie on my screen.  (Thanks.)

What I did find was lame.  Just saying.

The perfect amount of spicy and sweet and the chicken will melt in your mouth.

What’s life without a food pin….or seventy?  My favorite Chinese dish is a freaking American made dish with Chinese influence.  Did you know General Tso wasn’t even a real person?  Ugh.  I mean this is the best thing ever so of course no human could live up to this really freaking bad for your dish.  But I love it.  I shall make this.  I shall!

No matter how difficult the trail, we can take comfort in the knowing that others before us have borne life's most grievous trials and tragedies by looking to heaven. -M Russell Ballard lds memes

Sometimes I let anxiety get the best of me.  Lately, that has been the case.  I’m so sad to share that.  Seasons of needed change that aren’t really flowing the way we think they should can bring undulated stress that is well…truly not warranted.  Everything always falls into place if you just sit back and take a chill moment.  I found this little quote without looking for it on Pinterest and it made me take a deep breath.  I’m not the first, I won’t be the last, relax and enjoy this life.

So now, friends, tell me what you are pinning?  My pin game is low I know!  But I can imagine the next time I churn out one of these posts it will be a bit full tilt holidays!

Have a great Tuesday!



6 thoughts on “Pinned It!”

    1. IRON! You need some iron! General Tso is hell for you but that freaking American Chinese star is a dear friend. Like Diet Coke I don’t get it a lot but when I do….oh man! Yes, get the damn pot. Wait correction – INSTANT pot LOL! xo


  1. I actually LOL’d at the “easy mom costume” part! I can only imagine what must have come up from that search! Here is my confession – I joined Pinterest a year ago at my DIL’s urging. Maybe I haven’t used it enough, but I find it so confusing! The pins, the boards….aaaarrrggghhh! Maybe I need to take a breath and put aside an afternoon to figure it out. I know a lot of bloggers use it to promote their blogs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love Pinterest! I love Halloween! I love TSO chicken! Hope you’re feeling better, soon! I’ve got a case of the “ stay-out-of-my-ways” too! I just assumed you liked Halloween since you have the big fall bash at your house every year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like pumpkins. I like alcohol. I like food. So I have a party. I do not like costumes or trick or treating. Does that clear it up? LOL! I have that dang monthly stay out of my way thing but it’s ending and blue birds are landing on my shoulders again…not crapping on them yet though…!


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