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Healthy Girl: 7 BEST Tips!

Nope, you didn’t sleep through Monday.  Healthy Girl is coming at you on Monday!  Welcome, friends.  If you’re new here I’m excited to have you.  If you aren’t then hey girl, sup?



Nope, you didn’t sleep through Monday.  Healthy Girl is coming at you on Monday!  Welcome, friends.  If you’re new here I’m excited to have you.  If you aren’t then hey girl, sup?

Today I’m giving you my best tips for leading a healthier life.  Health and fitness are my two biggest passions so when I forced myself to sit down and really type out what I find to be most important to me it took a lot of thought!  Who would have thought it?!  Here’s my list of what I cannot do without that’s worthy of sharing!


Though I have never been a back-flipping cheerleader or yoga contortionist – I have had some pretty good dexterity!  However, I notice that as I get a little older my body gets tighter and not in the way we prefer!

Every morning STRETCH!  You don’t have to do a full scale thirty minute yoga session.  I start my stretches before I even sit up in bed!

Throw your arms behind your head, point your toes and elongate your body.  Do this three times.

Flex your feet until you feel pull in your calf muscles.  Do this three times.

Gently sit up and interlock your hands and push them forward to feel a great stretch in your back.

Go ahead and roll out of bed and reach those arms above your head that stretch is great!  And simple!

Bend at your waist, keeping your back straight, spread your feet shoulder width apart, and stretch out that back and hips.

My hips are the tightest area of my body I have to stretch these bad boys out quite a bit to eliminate pain.  My favorite stretch for hips?  This one:

Image result for piriformis stretch


Probiotics are not options, darn it!  I started taking probiotics just one year ago and I have noticed an increase in my immunity.  The way they work is pretty fabulous.  To explain it:  Your gut is where so much of your immune system works hard!  You have bad bacteria and good bacteria in there probiotics help the good bacteria grow while helping suppress the bad.

With that being said – I can say I think they work so well for me because I do make sure to follow a sound general nutrition!  Here’s what Harvard said about probiotics.


And this means any and all types of exercise.  My goal is three classes per week and to keep myself in motion at all times (OK with the exception of wind-down time!)  I enjoy cycle, and group exercise classes that my local YMCA offers (Metabolic Effect and P90X are my two favorites!)

But I also enjoy a good old elliptical session, long speedy walks, swimming, and weight training in front of the television!

Exercise helps us release stress and feel better about ourselves.  It also ups your energy levels and helps you sleep better.  There are too many benefits for you to put it off!  Not to mention too many options to not be able to find one you enjoy!

Check this out from CrossFit Predators – tips on finding exercise for you!

Image result for exercise
Click here for the quick read!


That’s what I drink.  95% of the time I’m sipping any of those three.  I’m a human so if you see me with a Diet Coke on a Friday afternoon then you see me with a Diet Coke.  (Yeah it’s bad but it’s one a week.)

Calories are a real thing and though we say they aren’t anything to worry about – they are.  If you are consuming more calories than you are burning off then you’re getting fat.  I mean sorry but there’s no other way to word it for you.  Don’t let your calories come from beverages.


I have fast food when I go to Chickfila.  I do not have a Chickfila in my town.  Last week I had a weak moment (and actually failed to eat breakfast at home, eeeek!) and fell to the dirty devil named McDonald’s.

The issue with fast food is this:  it’s filled with extra salt or sugar to make you want more.  That’s why those burgers are so good – they load them down with salt.  You crave salt and want more!!!  They also are mass producers of food product which means half the time what you are eating is not really what you think it is.

Be smart.  Pack lunches or choose fresh and clean options.

Slow Food USA
Have you heard of Slow Food USA?  I’m in love with this group and their mission to make food matter again!  Click here for more information!


Life is hard.  We know this!  Everyone has their own struggles, skeletons, worries, and yay for the joys.  Your mental health is vital to your survival and desire to thrive.  Sometimes you need someone to talk to and help you sort out the chaos of life.  Do that.  Seek out the person who you can connect with to talk to.  Sometimes it’s a professional and sometimes it’s the bestest bud on the planet who can be just as open and honest with you as you with them.  Just make sure they will call you out when necessary and help you get professional assistance if needed.

Sometimes, though, the therapy we need is self discovered.  I know that when life is tough I can get in the dirt.  Weeding, planting, pruning, mowing – these are my therapies.  And if the weather isn’t conducive to these activities I know I can hit up the gym, slide the headphones on, and take off.

Image result for my therapy is

As moms, wives, sisters, daughters, workers, creatives, we cannot give our best to others if we don’t start by giving our best to ourselves.


Healthy girls surround themselves with true people.  They don’t lie to you, they don’t put you down, they don’t want to harm you, they aren’t insecure around you.  They people you surround yourself with appreciate you, respect you, and value you.  This isn’t just true for the friends you should have but also the partner in your life.

Nobody hurts the people they truly love.

Love yourself to only have healthy, well balanced relationships!

Image result for 1st corinthians 13
Teach this to yourself and everyone in your circle, family, world!  We need it.

See these aren’t that hard!  The most important tip I can impart with you is truth – only you can control your wellness.  It cannot fall to the mercy of anyone else.  Take care of your body, love your spirit, and find peace for your mind!

I’m thrilled to share this post over at TBB’s link up today.



13 thoughts on “Healthy Girl: 7 BEST Tips!”

  1. I need to remember to stretch more!!! SOOO true about the people you surround yourself with. I have to go to a funeral today and be around people who hurt my soul that I haven’t seen b/c of it for 20 years so I am dreading it but must do it. I too take a probiotic daily and have not had tummy issues and been less sick in the 4 years I have been taking them. GREAT tips sis! xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I need more stretching in my lie, god morning tips! Ah pigeon pose! I went to an intensive hip opening yoga class once and we did that pose for 5 literal minutes on each side, man it hurt so good! I have taken to drinking kombucha every day, yay gut! And I am guilty of a diet coke here and there too, old habits die hard!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just the mention of Diet Coke and I’m like – yeah that stuff ahhhh. But I don’t keep it around so that’s a plus! Hips don’t lie do they? Proud of your dedication!


    1. Hey you! Thanks so MUCH! Wow that makes me feel good (making you an uplifting soul to add to my collection!) I hate I didn’t post out today but I will be working on a post now! XO


  3. Great tips to remember – especially the stretching – don’t you find that when you don’t it has a knock on effect through your whole body? I am a big pro-biotics person too – people don’t realise it effects your immune system, hormones and therefore everything else. Love the fact you included Slow Food – I think if any country needs it it is the US (no offence intended) – it started in Italy and I love the fact they care so much about the origin of food, the care taken to make it etc. I know you have tons of farmers markets in the US and small producers who really care – would love to see them take on the big conglomerates. I personally hate and don’t eat fast food (of the processed kind), it is kind of ‘dead food.’ Ok I am going before I go on and on about fast food haha.

    Liked by 1 person

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