Weekend Nuggets (A Rambling Post)

Guys…shut up.  Listen to this.

It’s Saturday morning.  I woke up at 8:30 AM.  That deserves being typed up twice.  I woke up at 8:30 AM.

And I woke up on my own accord.  There were no kids coming down the stairs with mammoth-esque padding on each stair.  No.  There were no kids getting in my face saying, “Good morning, get up.”

No. It was me, waking up at 8:30, on my own accord.

I sauntered into my kitchen and made a cup of coffee.  I took the dog out to potty.  I came back in refilled my coffee and got back in bed.  I’m still in bed.

So to my preteen daughter – bless you for sleeping until noon.

And to my dear, dear friend Misty – thank you for having a son my son’s age and hosting him for a sleepover last night.

God bless.


You know what else makes life easy?  Going back to Hello Fresh this month.  Why did I not do this in September?  I haven’t the slightest.  But with our schedules being slightly insane and that being mixed with workouts, work, school, etc Hello Fresh has been saving me.

Since I got back to getting two family sized meals to cook each week I have a gift for you.  If you are interested I can shoot you a coupon code to get $40 off your first order.  If you decide it’s not for you you can cancel it – no obligations, guys.  Leave a comment to let me know you want to try it and I can email you a coupon code.

I love to share good stuff.


Hurricane Michael may have ravaged Florida and left some headaches as he passed through NC but behind him came autumn.

I think we hit the low 70’s yesterday.  (Our kids didn’t have school due to flooding and power outages.)  So I was bundled up in my long running pants, tee, and hoodie for work.  I shed the hoodie by noon.  When I got home I did therapy – pruning the insane growth on our shrubs.  I’m praying to the heavens that I didn’t harm my plants but it was nearly 90 last week so I think they should be ok.

I also mowed.  My love for mowing is odd, I’m aware.  Considering the dramatic drop in the mercury I can assume I have two mowings left before the mower is either dead forever or down until next May.

But I froze.  I need to get back to that.  You may think it’s a stretch but when the temps drop below eighty I really do begin to freeze.  I’m like your grandma.  Face it.

So last night when I snuggled into bed in long pants and a long sleeve shirt I had to keep my fuzzy bathrobe on because I was freezing my ass off.

As soon as I get some initiative in these bones today I’m going to shop my house for another quite for my bed.


Ahhh shop my house.  Do you do that?  I do all the time.  I don’t have a lot of “stuff” but I do know if I get creative I can generally find what I need in my house.  This may mean seeing an item and giving it a new identity.

During the past week I did a major kitchen clean out.  While I was recycling, trashing, and rehoming I had a basket to break on me.  I tossed it in the trash only to get it back out and cut the broken handle off, clean it, and make a storage for potatoes and onions.

I had old plastic shoe boxes for Legos tucked away that I pulled out to organize my baking supplies.

Look, these aren’t cutting edge ideas but the point is this:  Be careful what you throw away. A lot of the stuff has a lot of life in it and can be used instead of shelling out more cash for something you already had.


I have a major love/hate with Goodwill Industries.  I love that they have work centers that can help people gain skills.  I hate that their CEO is one of the highest paid ones in the freaking world.

But I am also a lover of searching.

When I go to Goodwill I get to search.  Mind you I am that person who is on the floor looking at the stuff crammed on the bottom rack.  I have found some true gems stuffed on that bottom rack.

Friday I headed to our local GW to scope out Halloween stuff.  I was able to get 80 goodie bags for fifty cents.  While there a lady shared that they had new jeans come in.  I scooted over to check out the jeans since jeans are on my “to buy for cold weather” list.  It turns out they had my size in brand new Old Navy jeans for $4.  I was happily walking to check out when I spotted another new rack.  I got an adorable Ann Taylor sweater (new with tags) for $4.

That afternoon my friend Misty shared she had been to the other local GW and scored some finds.  So I took myself and daughter up the road this time.  My son, my poor son, I haven’t properly went on a shopping trip for cooler weather for him.  I bought him a coat but failed to take into account things like pants, long sleeve shirts…you know basics.  To make this long story short – he has more new with tags – Kenneth Cole sweaters, Old Navy long sleeve t’s – and those great work out pants he loves.

Oh and my daughter child scored four books.

It makes me giggle at how I used to be repulsed by anything second hand.  When I was in middle school I would go ape shit if my mom made me go to a consignment or Goodwill store.  They just made my skin crawl.

Here I am twenty-three years removed from that girl and I see the value in buying second hand.

  1.  I’m practicing the ultimate recycling gig.  I’m reusing things that haven’t been used at all or have been gently used.  Give me all the cotton, baby!
  2. I’m saving $500.  You may think it funny but I like numbers.  If I buy my husband, myself, my daughter, and my son each three outfits from GW I will pay out: $85.26.  If I go to the one store the whole family can buy from, Old Navy I will pay out:  $495 before I buy my son’s three outfits!  I like to save money.  What can I say.
  3. I’m teaching my kids an important lesson.  I come from a time when you were judged by the tag in your clothes.  If people shopped at Walmart they were picked on.  If they saw you at a garage sale racking up you were looked at sideways.  Here’s the deal – if someone wants to judge you by where you purchase your jeans then they have a whole library of issues that you don’t need to check out.


I figure a lot of bloggers clicked away at that.  I don’t fit the blogger mold most of the time.  That’s fine if my drum is a tambourine!

I mentioned that autumn officially came.  With it so did a good ole Halloween-ish movie.  The husband, daughter, and I watched Sweeney Todd last night.  We also had hot soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Then I made pumpkin chocolate chip bread.  P.S.  All the candles were lit and we had our blankets!

Tonight we are chicken stew bound.  Some friends were kind enough to invite us to their family’s stew.

OK I know foreigners (those not from TN, VA, NC, SC) will be lost.  A chicken stew is when you take a massive stew pot and make chicken soup in it.  We call it stew because it’s supposed to be thicker than soup.  Anyway, you invite your friends and family over, ask them to bring a side or dessert, and everyone sits around and eats the stew and talks and laughs, and passes a jar.  OK not every chicken stew involves a jar.  Sometimes we pass a fifth.  Ok not every chicken stew involves a fifth.  Sometimes we don’t pass a thing we just remove our tails from our coolers so we can grab a beer.

I just bring wine.

I prefer my chicken stew with Texas Pete.

That’s a hot sauce.

Not a name for my husband.


Healthy Girl Relationship Issues is going to come to an abrupt end after this week.  I was doing it for a class and just using the information to throw into a blog post.  I’m now finished with the class and kinda needing to break from the topic of food issues.

This week on the blog I’m bringing really informational content like….Pinterest.

Life altering stuff right?

I’m also going to be doing more of this style of blogging.  If it hits the brain and it’s not too sticky it will hit the screen.  Things are changing in the world of the CCK author so it’s only right that this place gets a refresh too.

I guess I just kicked it off.


Now to get out of bed…



Some Randomly Wonderful Quotes to Keep You Inspired this Weekend
Still waiting!



8 thoughts on “Weekend Nuggets (A Rambling Post)”

  1. Oooh I’d like to do a stew! Will you bring the wine? Chillaxing in bed sounds grand too. I love your lil nuggets cause that is how my brain works too! Hugs to wine and stew! And YOU!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. YES!! Do more of that – I love it, although my little brain can’t keep up with what I then what to write back and comment on. I have been wearing of brain dumping but sometimes it feels so good – and it livens up the blog post. I was of course in that judgy clothes era and was the worst for wanting labels and fancy make-up – Caspar doesn’t care a less and would go to school in PJ and with unbrushed hair if he could – he is much more liberated. Like you I’ve bought my clothes for Halow’een at a charity shop this year (although I’ll be the only adult dressed up). It is crazy what they pay CEOs of charities – it is the same here – they use the logic – they have to attract the best from the coporrate sector to run it like a business. I tihnkt hat has gone too far – what would be wrong with someone who had worked their way up through that industry, who actually knew the charity sector from the bottom up?

    Liked by 1 person

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