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Healthy Girl: Relationship Issues

Last week we started in on this view of our relationship with food.  Click here if you missed it!  This week we’re going to examine some statuses a little deeper.

There is no "we" in "food"—some days it's like that. (; #food #humor #hangry

As I shared with you last week, no matter what we think we all have a relationship status with food.  Singles don’t view food as anything more than fuel.  They don’t eat for joy or satisfaction.  In-a-relationship (or daters) are a step or two removed from the singles.  They do give food the power of making them excited or happy but not every day.  When you are in a “complicated” relationship with food then we see a battle whose weapon is food.  Sometimes this battle is due to food insecurity and sometimes it’s how you use it to have power.  For those who are married to food, they put food as the center of their universe, where it is they go – it is their best friend and confidant.  And finally the group that are widowed or divorced from food generally only get here due to medical issues that have altered their gastrointestinal tracks leaving food hard to digest, without taste, etc.

I personally am in-a-relationship with food.  It can excite me.  I often view it as more than just the fuel my body needs to do work.  However, I strive to keep myself in check!  And yes, it can be a battle.

When I was putting this post together I thought – “I will go ahead and start with single status.  I will get it out of the way.”  Then after starting this post I hit the delete button.  The majority of those who read this blog are not single ladies with food.  You LOVE to cook and you LOVE to eat.  I get it!  We wouldn’t be recipe sharing, food celebrating, eat here type blog friends and readers if were single in the food department.

I will refer to the single-status with food folks in each post.  But today we are going to focus on the in-a-relationship group.

Funny Basketball Memes


_________ makes me happy.

For me it’s traveling.  Actually, it’s more like road tripping makes me happy.

Then there’s gardening – I love to grow flowers and vegetables.

Being with my people makes me super happy.

A good cup of coffee with a  friend at the coffee shop in town makes me super happy.

I posed this question to a few friends.  I said, you fill in the blank here’s the sentence:

Blank makes you happy.

Responses I got:

Sleeping in makes me happy.

Finding $20 in my pocket makes me happy.

Yoga makes me happy.

Not having to cook makes me happy.

Winter, I need some winter.

If you know me the last one made me feel the urge purge.

Not one time did anyone mention food.  The closest we came to food was “not having to cook.”  So I took this a step further and asked: Do you equivocate food to happiness?

Responses included:

I didn’t think about that.

Krispy Kreme.

Maybe the atmosphere of going out to eat or eating with friends but I didn’t think about food.

Yes I do.  I like to make food for other people because they like my cooking. (Side note:  We do.)

I mean, I guess.

I posed these questions around 9am on a Tuesday.  So I added in this next question just curious as to what a response would be.

Are you excited about food you are eating this week?


Wedding cake, my sister is getting married Saturday!

Um, what am I even eating this week?  Taco Tuesday kinda makes me happy.


I just want the Halloween candy to be gone.  I ate so much I was nauseated yesterday.

These are five people who do not see food as fuel, aren’t married to food, but are just like me.  We are in a relationship with food.  The relationship is not serious and we don’t tend to get the butterflies when we think about food but we sometimes look forward to it (wedding cake, taco Tuesday), we can over-do it on things we don’t need (Halloween candy), and the best part?  We aren’t necessarily thinking about food when it comes to meals but who we will share a table with.

Is there something wrong with us?

No.  We can just get in a food rut every now and then.  We will eat too much of one thing, not enough of the other.  We have a good hold on our nutrition and when we overdo it on the Halloween candy we feel a little guilt but we up our work out game, up our water, and get back on track.

Keys to help us in-a-relationship people with our nutrition:

*Plan meals as best as you can.

*Remember a plate is on point when it’s 4-5oz of protein and a bunch of good non starch vegetables (65%)!  Smart fats will fill your tummy so be choosey.

*Snack smart if you must snack – nuts, yogurt, protein to fill you up.

*Water, black coffee, unsweetened tea are always your friends!  They are non-caloric.

*It’s OK to be excited about a meal but focus more on who the meal is bringing together rather than what the menu is all about.  Make your choices wise ones that are healthy.  The point of good nutrition is to combat/prevent disease and your family and friends want you around for a long time!

Next week we will be taking a look at the complicated relationship with food.  Things will start to get a little more difficult but this is a great time to learn a little about yourself or about someone you know.  Complicated relationships with food can range in type, style, and the way we see them.

Until then – eat smart, move a lot, drink the water!





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