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Only You Can Do It…

Coming off a weekend in East Tennessee and back to work – whew, y’all!

Today I’m sharing a little this and that on the topic of self care (thanks, TBB).  Everyone views self care a little differently than the next.  Some people do not practice it at all.  Now that I’m staring down a barrel at thirty-seven I take self care as seriously as ever.  I hope that no matter what age you are you make sure to carve out time for your own being.

Since I had my first child eleven years ago I keep this in the back of my head:

a message to caregivers, permission and a plea for you to find a balance and take care of yourself, guiltlessly. You know when you are on board an airplane, the stewardess says “Put your oxygen mask on first, then put it on your little loved one.”

I learned with that first kid that if I do not take care of myself then there’s no way I could functionally care for her.  When she was a baby I took time to do things like read, rest, and hydrate.  My first child was an easy baby she was happy and slept well.  It was easy to keep her going.

My life away from motherhood was another story.  It was peppered with heartbreak, horrendous stress, and it seemed like the world was dark and bleak.  At three months postpartum I was dealt with more crap than anyone should have to after having a baby.

In the chaos of my life; self care revolved around:  eating soundly, reading (this was when I turned back to faith), and rest and hydration.

A year later I began the biggest part of my self care story that would reshape my body, mind, and spirit.

I got a membership to the local YMCA.  I went every day at 5:15am.  For an hour I would run the track counting the laps 1, 2, 3……15, 16,17….24,25,26.  With every lap completed I would push away a little more tension and stress.  When I ran I didn’t think about what was going on in my world.  I focused on my breathing, the smell of the polyurethaned floor, the way the sun was coming up through the windows.  Then I would move my runs outside and run the sidewalks of our little down town.

I still remember the first time I hit runner’s high.  I was outside of my body watching myself go.  It was the most amazing blessing of a feeling I have ever experienced.

I ran from 2008-2012 when I became pregnant with kid two.

I then ran from 2013 until my wreck this year.

My running shoes have been retired.  I now have a bad foot and a jacked up knee. (Boo aging.)

Self care today looks like being with my workout sisters in a spin or HIIT class, yoga on my mat in the living room, a face mask once a week to clean up the face, a glass of Cabernet Franc, and a good book.

Self care also looks like me shelling out $30 each month to give my kids time to have fun without me and for me to try to get some down time with my husband.  It also is me telling my husband that on a particular evening I will not be home because I get to go be a just-a-girl with my bestie.

Wow...umm yes, so true. Especially right now.  Thank u for that tap on the shoulder.  I am listening and will keep it up...

I would be remiss to not mention that being gentle with yourself also means a self and environment evaluation every month.  I look around me and identify what is and isn’t working.  Sometimes it’s something as simple as a jacket with a broken zipper and sometimes it’s a little murkier like finances or a person.  I will not support a broken zipper and I will not allow the wrong people to mess up my mojo.

And that, my friends, is my little self care story.

Are we a like or are we polar opposites?





5 thoughts on “Only You Can Do It…”

  1. We are alike. My one son always says ain’t nobody got time for that and for me that means ridding the toxins in my life and my body. My running shoes got hung up in my thirties too but this body still moves as much as it can, Exercise is my drug of choice. Now, if I could just break the sugar addiction. But not you sugar! Xoxo

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  2. The oxygen mask parallel is really clever. As an only child I am not selfless enough to not try and get me time. Like you open spaces and fresh air do it for me. Quiet too. Less manicures etc, no time for that. I think self care had to be about not being a perfectionist too much too, pushing ourselves to much or reprimandjbg ourselves – to go easy when we need to xx

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