Coffee Talk! Currently

Ahhh….here we are. Wednesday and linked up with Anne for some currently goodness.  I also take her words and formulate this little coffee talk post.  It’s my way of doing a train of though post that is a bit guided.  We can compare it to a guided tour with headphones instead of a guide.  Deviation is always permitted.

Last Friday I posted out my little fall fashion, hair, and skin post.  I am now wearing a new, shorter hair style and I’m also wearing some sleeves in the morning and shorts and tanks in the afternoon #northcarolinaautumn

Yesterday I was wearing a chipped molar.  I thought I had been a bad girl and missed the dentist longer than I actually had.  I was surprised when they said, “You were here last fall.”  I just knew I had forgot an appointment and it turns out it was spring.  Whew.

Speaking of teeth I feel like all my life I have collected cavities.  My first dental visit ever – I had one.  I will never forget going to the dentist in middle school and they said I was cavity free.  Excitement, joy…ahh that was an amazing day.  Since then I have had a few here and there but nothing major.  Then again I feel like there is no more surface area for a cavity to be added to my collection of filled ones so now I start the next chapter…chipping and breaking.  UGH!

Random moment:  Does anyone else collect cups and bottles in their cars?  Obviously, that’s a thing now.  That leads me to making more pit stops at the car wash to empty the car of it’s collection and vacuum it all out again.  One thing that brings me joy is vacuuming my car.  Weird, yes.

I’ve also been making resumes.  More things are changing than my hair.  My kids are both in school and it’s time to enter that world of traditional work again.  I have nothing on my radar at the current time but I’m not worried.  I know who makes the plans.

It’s the same person who makes me feel thirty-seven and I haven’t turned thirty-seven yet.  OK so maybe it’s a massive spirit and not a person who knows whatever.  When I work out in a group I take Les Mills Sprint, Metabolic Effect, and P90X.  After taking yoga for the first time in a few months I realized that I’m taking the wrong approach for my age.  I’m not twenty-seven and I need more focus on my body’s stability, muscle lengthening, and all that good stuff.  For the first time in my life I am stiff in my joints.  So I’m taking this serious and my new work out plan will show that…hopefully.

Workout plans to planning in general…I have cancelled our pumpkin palooza four.  It broke my heart but sometimes you can make all the plans in the world for them to only be changed.  These days I’m finding myself making just for the month I am in.  I’m not looking ahead I’m just focused on the present.  Lord knows I’m not looking behind – what’s back there anyway?  My focus is on a happy, balanced October.  My plans are just consisting of my husband’s birthday (this weekend), softball, football, work, and coffee.  All too often we try to fill in a calendar for a three month window – if life doesn’t force that upon you then stop.

Just be.

Just be and sip coffee.



8 thoughts on “Coffee Talk! Currently”

  1. Re your joints and workouts and being 37. Take it from this 39 year old, make the switch now, I can’t get out of be some mornings and gave myself tennis elbow when I don’t even play! Working out is so good for you, but the longer you do it, the more yoga you have to do!

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    1. Oh girl I am! I’m scaling back to cycle, yoga, and metabolic. The rest is going to consist of just getting my steppage in and some 8lb weight training. I aint got time for my joints to go out on me. Side note: My mom is having a total hip and she’s mid-fifties….eeeek!


  2. Teeth problems – ugh! I never think about my teeth until one of them hurts. I’m finding my old fillings are starting to wear out and need to be replaced. Enjoy the warm weather!

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    1. Hi Susan! Ughhh when a filling comes out it can be a headache. It turns out mine was a filling and he will put a new one in next week – something to really look forward to hahaha! I’m soaking in this summer weather! xo


  3. Oof I learned that the hard way as well about 30-something-year-old bodies needing a little more yoga and restoration as part of the workout routine… now that I have actually incorporated it though, I am so much happier 🙂 Enjoy that balanced October – I am going to try to do the same!

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