October 1st!

Happy October…this post is chock full of stuff today.  Basically the stuff of Q/A and #goals.  I hope you all had a nice ending to September.  Believe it or not October is one of my most favorite months.  I just love all the relaxed comfort that October brings (plus it isn’t freezing cold.)

From Andrea:

My favorite fall color is probably cabernet (hahaha not just because I prefer it in my glass either) but also merlot (see a theme?) and shades of dark purple!  But a close second to the wines is goldenrod!

Pallet burgundy wine berry

I think apple cider cold is just apple juice so I will only drink it hot.  Also, it tends to make my stomach hurt so I only have a few sips and I am done.

Caramel apple as in candied apple?  No.  I’m not a big candy person and though I love apple and caramel I cannot do that whole candied apple thing..teeth people!  Respect your teeth!

When you say donut I say I shall not discriminate!

I hate long cardigans on me….I have a butt and it would just accentuate it in the wrong way.  I’m also 5’4 so anything long on me makes me look like I should work for Santa.  I keep my cardigan length to the thigh and no further.

Grey chunky knit cardigan sweater, white tshirt, distressed boyfriend jeans, suede crossbody bag. Spring, fall, winter outfit street style inspiration ideas.
So cozy.  Obvi not me LOL!

I’m a buffalo wing kind of girl. Actually just this past Friday had some of the best ones I have had in ages.  It was a perfect GNO with my bestie – yoga and wings!

When it comes to pumpkins it’s like donuts – I do not discriminate.

Last year I went on my first hayride in ages.  I froze my butt off.  So I think if I were properly dressed and not loaded up with a classroom of ten year olds then I would have enjoyed it more.  I’ve always been a bonfire girl.

This is a toughie.  What would my favorite fall baked good be…hmmm?  Well believe it or not I prefer apple stuff over pumpkin stuff but only slightly.  Once upon another life ago I had a boyfriend whose grandmother made the most amazing apple cake on this earth.  I would love to have it again.  My late mammaw made incredible apple yummies too like homemade apple cobbler and apple hand pies.  Maybe I will be on a mission this year to find the best baked good in North Carolina for fall 2018 and share it here.

Apple Pie Blondies. This apple treat is super easy and can be even faster if the apple pie filling is prepare ahead of time. Serve these apple blondies with some ice cream and caramel sauce on top as a delightful fall dessert. #apple #blondies #falldesserts #applepie #recipe #caramel
Apple Pie Blondies…say whaaaaaat?

My most anticipated fall activity may not be what you think!  Number one is celebrating my husband’s birthday.  For the past few years we have celebrated by going to a football game and out to dinner.  Stay tuned for what I have up my sleeve for his birthday (it’s this coming weekend!) The number two is our Pumpkin Palooza party!  Each year is a different group of people here to just chill out and eat and chat and carve a pumpkin.  However, this year we have decided to forgo the party and will not be hosting.  I’m bummed but that just means I get to figure out another event to host…right?


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Let’s Revisit Some Goals…

September’s list was:

Continue cycle two days a week no holds barred – Rocked that out.  I actually ended up missing the sign up for two classes so I subbed in P90X instead!

Get the summer project to 60% – It is officially the Fall Project now.  We’re around 85% completed.  

Date night in ink and it will happen.  If you count the kids being at Kid’s Night Out and my husband and I driving to the local steakhouse – not dressed up, tired, and a little gross from the hurricane as a date night —- then we rocked it out.

Get up with my best friend because it’s been almost a year.  See the photos for evidence!  More pics later in the week! xo

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sky, outdoor and natureImage may contain: one or more people, grass, outdoor and nature

Rock out three events I’m hosting or helping with.  1.  Cammy’s 11th birthday – success!  2.  Benefit for my Aunt Melanie – success!  3.  Baby shower for my brother’s wife – success!

Now let’s #dothis October…

Detox October…what?  I have to do this to balance out the bad eating! Detoxing out the crap food that has been around the kitchen thanks to bad weather, birthdays, and um fall starting…(See Healthy Girl tomorrow!)

Get the husband’s birthday plan pulled together!

16 days (minimum) of work outs!!!

Volunteer 2x this month.

Do some Halloween-ish stuff with the kids. 

Another coffee date with Mrs. Elizabeth!

See my bestie for her birthday!

And that is that….

Tomorrow on the blog Healthy Girl takes on October, Food, and YOU!  Be sure to come back for a different approach to food.  Short, sweet, and to the point with maybe an idea or two that you may have missed or never thought of before!  Yay!








10 thoughts on “October 1st!”

  1. Right with you on a lot of things, esp the cardies being a fellow shortie (even more titchy at 5ft 2 3/4 haha). Def a bonfire girl too and not a toffee apple one 🙂 The wine colours are fab – need some in my wardrobe!

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