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Overwhelmed & Choosing Healthy!

Hey girls and guys!  It’s Tuesday, again, so here I am with a healthy girl post.

Anyone here overwhelmed with the changes that come from a new school year and almost new season?  C’mon you can be honest, I cannot really hear your answer!

It is pretty typical to get a little overwhelmed when the calendar pushes us into a new month with new schedules and places to be things along with new things to do.  It’s even more difficult if you have more than one child and they are all headed in different directions (raised hand here!) And the difficulty level rises when you have more work landing in your lap.

I have a friend who works for a lawyer and she alone has over 100 cases to deal with at the current time.  Can you imagine?  Over one hundred people to serve and she has zero help.

I have another friend who has three kids at three different schools and is trying to juggle full time work but also be a full time mama.  Her work and mom life are intersecting continuously.

The struggle is real.  I see it every day.  But I’m here to cheer you on and let you know you matter and you deserve that benefit of you time.

Thirty minutes minimum.

When you are going under the waves you feel the pressure building up inside you.  It can make your heart feel like it will beat out of your chest.  It can make your guts churn.  And your head?  Hello migraine.  (It is called drowning for a reason, friends!)

Carve out the thirty minutes you need to bust free and combat the bad stress with the good stress.  It can be first thing in the morning before the kids are up or its time to head to work.  Set the alarm, get up, and move your body. If you want vigorous then get that HIIT work out in or that fast run.  If you want flow then get the yoga flow going.

Don't stop yourself!

Maybe you quit taking lunch break because you are behind.  I get it.  But don’t do that tomorrow.  Instead take the thirty minutes and get outside and walk around.  I don’t care if it’s raining, pack appropriately.  If you work in a space that offers a gym on site or you work in a field with exercise equipment within your reach – utilize it.  There is no excuse for someone who has the opportunity at their hands yet fails to take advantage of it.

When the work day is done – that’s prime exercise time.  Do not go home first.  Pack, y’all!  Have your change of clothes in your bag and go get it done!  You will appreciate that precious time to relieve the tension and stress your body is holding.

The point in all this is that you need to release your bad stress by giving yourself some good stress – exercise.  Putting forth the initiative and intensity to boost your levels of endorphins and dopamine so that you can power through and be oh so much happier and more relaxed.

You will get more accomplished and be clearer minded.

Thirty minutes – that’s it.

(Twenty-five if you make your cool down walking back to your car!)

Clean up your choices.

Any stress eaters in the house?  What about stress non eaters?  What about, I’m-too-busy-for-healthy-food people?

So when you are stressed and you over eat, fail to eat, or just stuff your face with calories you do a couple bad things to your body and self.

  1.  You gain weight.  Chances are you are not over doing it on carrot sticks and thus those empty calories that you aren’t exercising off are just mounting up.  Even if you are a stress non-eater you can gain.  Your body goes into storage mode since you kept it from nourishment.  Therefore when it gets food it automatically says, GOTTA SAVE THIS!
  2. Those bad choices affect your mental health.  If you opt for a bag of cookies for lunch chances are you will be regretting that decision after you eat them.  The first bit of regret may come as the moment of realization.  “Holy sh*t, I just ate 32 Oreos.”  Ouch that one hurts.  Then you beat yourself up.  Then all that sugar makes you feel like the contents of a waste truck.  Your brain lags, you foggy, you want to sleep, and you may stick out your bottom lip and cry for your mommy.

Stay on a regular eating cycle.  That means eat your breakfast, have your mid morning snack (if you are hungryish), have lunch, eat dinner.  Drink your water!  Even if you feel like you cannot stomach lunch at least drink your water.

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Make sure the food you have available and are consuming is smart food.  Don’t go for the vending machine but go for good choices.  Remember the Eat This Not That day?  Remember it!

Real food will make you feel good and help to turn your mood around.  Real vegetables (not chips), real fruit (not candy), real protein (not fast food)!

Give your brain a break

This is generally where I say – go to bed!  But look, friend, I have two kids and I get it.  We can strive to hit the hay at 9:30 each night but most nights for me it is eleven.

Speaking to those of you who have children…

Your kids (if they are over the age of three) can help you.  They can set and clear a table, load a dishwasher (or wash the dishes).  Older kids can take out the trash, take their own showers, brush their own teeth.  Bigger kids can help the smaller ones get clean and dressed for bed.

Kids need responsibility so that mama can mama better.  Do you get me?

Husbands can and should help too.  And ditto that for wives that expect their husbands to do it all.

Install the helpers so that it isn’t all on you.  This will help you get to bed earlier.  Sure in the beginning stages it may be five or ten minutes earlier but over time it will build.

You need to enact a daily decompression routine that serves you best.  Quiet time to shower and take care of you.  Time to wind down with a good book (a couple chapters!), a favorite television show, working on that one thing that calms you like none other.  You need the time to just exist and not have to worry.

I love this, I need a sign like this over my desk, when I go sit I'm done I need alone time to decompress so I don't stab anyone with a pencil. I've been coming close lately.

Easy peasy you can do this.

I know you can because this stuff is not calculus.  It’s you making a point of taking care of yourself.  It’s a simple commitment to thirty minutes of focus on your body.  Saying you do give a damn about what you eat and you aren’t trying to live that Little Debbie life.  It’s you saying that you are worth the investment of making your life better by little steps that will carry you straight up a mountain…without hurting your soul.

And I’m not leaving you hanging.  Need some support?  Let me know!





10 thoughts on “Overwhelmed & Choosing Healthy!”

  1. I’ve always said I don’t know how moms with more than one kid function. I’m pretty much a single mom with one kid and some days I can barely function. I will say that it has gotten easier the older Alise has gotten, but the chauffeuring never ends!


  2. This is brilliant, and right on. We spend so much time as Mothers and at work making everyone else happy and solving other people’s problems – but I guess when we are exhausted and feel we haven’t got anything left that’s when we’ve got to make the time for ourselves. We need more women like you advocating for this as we always de-prioritise ourselves. Tiredness is the enemy here with decision-making – you are totally right. I find the hardest thing is dragging myself off the hour of sofa I get to go to bed at a reasonable hour – but when you do get an early night it is so much easier to then work out and eat right. Loved this post! J xx

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