Pinterest Monday: Fall Pins 1

Good morning.  It’s Monday and I’m off work today.  The kids are back to school.  We are all used to the rain from Florence.  I’m savoring this day with a good work out or two, coffee, and just joy!

Did you know this is the last week of the season of summer?  It totally deflates my spirit.  BUT if you follow me on IG then you know this weekend during the incessant rain and chilly temperatures I gave in.  Yes, friends, I did.  On Saturday afternoon at 4pm I said to hell with it and pulled out my few fall decorations and set them out.  My house smells of apple cinnamon off brand Glade oil and I even made a batch of cookies.

Am I one hundred percent in for fall?  No.  And why?  Because it’s going to be ninety degrees this week.  But am I adjusting to the fact that soon my flag football practices and softball games will have me donning sweatshirts?  Yeah, I am.

So here’s what I pinned in my fall stupor over the weekend that I wanted to share with you today.  I feel like Pinterest is becoming a page of redundancy so hopefully I found something that hasn’t popped up on everyone’s feed!

DIY Flannel Coasters ... perfect touch for Fall and Winter  |  Via View From The Fridge

I do not sew.  I repeat I do not sew.  However, I can use that glue stuff pretty well. (I just cracked myself up by reading that sentence.)  I think I could so make these.  Here’s the pin if you want to check it out!  You could so easily head to a thrift store and buy some flannel shirts to deconstruct for this.  Heck yeah I love to recycle!

Even if you're not planning on throwing an admittedly specific lumberjack-themed party, this bash (by Jenny Keller on her site, Jenny Cookies) has a fun idea worth stealing for your upcoming fall fêtes. Here's a hint: It's pie-related.

When I saw this I immediately thought:  Pumpkin Palooza.  Then I thought:  Aunt Melanie’s Benefit!  Then I thought: PRESENTS!  This little cozy, pie-for-one idea is fabulous and it is pins like this that make scream, why didn’t I think of that? 

Blåbärssnår, äppelskrutt och rabarberskugga

This pin is straight up for the Pumpkin Palooza (I am still working on this year’s plan and invite list so if you want to come then let me know!) I love the pumpkins and the bundt cake.  If you just glance at this photo then you may be like which is the pumpkin and which are cake!  How cool either way.  I love this.

A Classic gingery Moscow Mule updated with the Autumnal flavors of apple and cranberry!

I love a good mule.  And no I’m not talking about the horse/donkey cross.  This one caught my eye and I think I may just have to whip it up one weekend in October.  It’s an apple cranberry mule – apple cranberry is my pumpkin spice.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Muffins! They only take 30 minutes to make!

My kids love it when I make them muffins for breakfast.  I generally stick to the Hungry Girl recipe but this may have to be a special addition for a few fall weeks or weekends.

Whiskey Barrel Planter ~ contains Sungold cypress, Purple diamond loropetalum, croton, creeping jenny & yellow pansies (replaced the mums in the photo). This is a statement piece!  By The Garden Artist, Atlanta, GA.

I love my whisky barrel planter.  Currently, it looks amazing.  A cactus (that probably hates me due to all the rain!) stands tall in the back while a large golden mum, penta flowers, and several other “salvaged” flowers are lushly growing up and over the sides.  I know most of these plants will be fine for the duration of fall but…just in case!

So this week I’m going to be posting each day around the theme of entering fall.  I do so very lightly since here we’re going to go back to ninety degrees.  If you live in North Carolina then you are very aware of the up and down of the mercury during the fall, winter, and spring!

Tomorrow is healthy girl day!  Last week I brought you recipes (my go to ones for busy Septembers) and this week I’m bringing you some more transition goodness for your nutrition, fitness, and over all health!

Wednesday I’m showing off my favorite fall looks.  I have to do shopping this year for my closet and I have been putting together recipes of looks to share.

Thursday is all about fall television!

I hope you will hop back over here this week!





4 thoughts on “Pinterest Monday: Fall Pins 1”

    1. Rain has ended and we have sunshine. No school due to flooding. It flooded from the ocean all the way up here to my neck of the woods. Kids are home again today. We’re busting out!


  1. Yay you’ve (somewhat) given in to Autumn! Love the tartan ribbons on the pies – tartan is a must have for Autumn for sure. We are full on chilly, windy and leaves dropping mode here – so I have no option but to be fully ‘in’ 🙂 Sounds like you make some amazing Autumn food – apple cake and those muffins – are you going to give them a go? They look delicious! Joanne x

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