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Thursday Soul Food: These aches and pains and Psalms

If you read the Healthy Girl posts I put out weekly – rather if you have for a while – you know I have plantar fasciitis and a knee that is not my friend most days.  To tell you just what I deal with on a daily basis, I cannot walk from the moment I wake up until after I do a series of calf stretches and range of motion with  my foot.  It is not fun.

By the middle of the afternoon my right foot begins “talking” to me in it’s own way.  I have to sit down and put it up.  I then have to do all the stretches and range of motion activities again.

This does not stop me from taking my beloved cycle class.  It doesn’t stop me from a jog (but my knee tries to) or a long brisk walk.  I still lift those weights in the bathroom!

The knee isn’t a daily issue like the foot.  The knee likes to surprise me with uncomfortable and awkward pain.  Some times it literally comes out of no where.  I will be having a good day and then I will pivot and BOOM!  The knee is throbbing.

Again, I have found that there are certain stretches and range of motion activities that will help soften the pain.  And sometimes, I just sit down and put it up and stare at it.

Psalm 18:36

Psalm 18:36 says, “You provide a broad path for my feet so that my ankles do not give way.”

Here I am pushing forward to do more and more each day with my body.  I want to hit my Fitbit goal and or surpass it nearly every single day of the week.  I want to make it to each fitness class that I love.  I want to keep my body, my temple, healthy because God just gifted me this one.

If God has provided me with this path of opportunity to remain fit and healthy so that I can do service for my family and others then He has also provided the resources so that I can do things in a way that will keep me safe and healthy.

God gives us the exercises to keep our whole self, body/mind/spirit, in check so that our lives can have His safety net under and around us always.

All it takes is realizing you were wonderfully made.  You are in the image of the creator.  You have a job to take care of yourself and then to do so for others by your example and your time.

Do your stretches in compassion, empathy, support, prayer, and hope.

Then do your range of motion and help out the turned ankles, broken feet, and swollen knees (the people in need in spirit, body, or mind) all around you.



1 thought on “Thursday Soul Food: These aches and pains and Psalms”

  1. Exercise is a great way to meditate, I agree! I am sorry about the plantar fasciitis – I hadn’t heard of it at all and recently I’ve spoken to a number of people who have it. I hope you can find a solution – I know what it is like having pain like that – I had juvenile arthritis as a teen and every since I’ve had some issues. You are very inspiring the way you work through /round things to still work out – it is great that you have found the stretches to help! J xx

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