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Good morning, friends!  I’m out and about at work helping get a home ready for a wedding that is happening this weekend!  How exciting is that?  September is a great month for weddings.  You have summer you but also have everyone thinking fall so the color options can be simply stunning.

But enough about that.  It’s time for my “Currently Coffee Talk” post where I just let my brain kind of erupt on to the keyboard and follow the rules of using some of Anne’s words to guide my path!

Did you all have a good long weekend?  Can I tell you how much I needed those four days off?  (Today is my back to work day.) Like seriously, guys.  You think that starting back to school is hard on kids and teachers – it is hard on mamas who are running the show at home too!  I think most of the stress I was feeling was coming from the fact I was forced to realize my baby is a big boy and therefore in Kindergarten now!  Walking him in on the first day had me feeling all the feeds.  I even started crying. But as soon as I got in my car and took off to work I felt much better. 🙂

I am super ready to start mapping out new endeavors.  Really I would love to go into depth talking to you about this but…I cannot.  I need some clarity and some guidance and then maybe I can start telling you what I’m doing.  Until then:

Challenge yourself, grow, blossom, and become who you were meant to be. Don't ever stay at a job solely out of convenience or comfort. Aim higher, even if that means pursuing another job that's just one step closer to your ultimate goal. #quotes #motivation

Things I am buying lately, well, I can tell you I have spent $100 on birthday cakes in two weeks.  Thanks to Amazon Prime points I only spent $10 out of pocked on my son’s birthday present!  My mom picked up half the school supplies this year (#retiredteacher).  Yesterday was a shopping adventure to buy my daughter some birthday presents (all she wanted is money and gift cards…hello I’m your mother!  I must buy you something more than just give you cash!)  I bought her a husband pillow she has been wanting, her favorite candy, and a jacket, cardigan, and two new t’s.  The easiest way to buy stuff for my kid these days is one simple word:  Pinterest.

BACK TO SCHOOL #27 Quote : Friends who buy you food are friends for life INSTAGRAM : ootdinspirationblog Weit : ootdinspirationblog
Here’s one outfit she pinned.

Yes, friends.  I gave her my phone with the Pinterest app opened and said, “Pin every outfit you like, every thing you like.”  She did and shopping was super easy this year!My splurge happened at the end of last month when I fell for Fab Fit Fun.  If you really know me then you know I have issues buying anything for myself.  I will go to a store to specifically buy my damn vitamins and if I see something the kids probably need who doesn’t get their vitamins?

This girl.

While I was working one morning and deciding the best way to high light some gorgeous martini glasses…I heard this woman going on and on about how she decided to subscribe to a service that would be just for her.  Blah blah blah.  But those blahs obviously resonated.  So I signed up for Fab Fit Fun and well I’m stoked.

Fab Fit Fun Summer 2017 Box Reveal


Let’s hope I thoroughly enjoy this quarterly shipment and don’t cancel.  (Be prepared, I will probably cancel.)

Over the weekend, as I was perusing the ole Facebook, a friend had shared she had spent an evening doing yoga with….llamas.  I love a llama.  I loved llamas when it wasn’t a fad or trend.  Back in the days of yore I babysat (I was 13) and the kid I babysat for lived on a small horse farm and they had three freaking llamas.  They were semi sweet but could spit on you like no other.  Anyhoo that’s my back story.

Funny Llama Print Humorous Decor Alpaca by DrawnFromMyBrain

This month my  bestie and I are finally getting together for a date night and I suggested we go do yoga with llamas.  I need to share with you that my sister from another ma’am and mister is not really a work out girl.  Actually, she isn’t at all but when she does go to the YMCA to get her sweat on I praise her to the hilt because I want her live to forever.  I kind of held my breath at how she would respond to me asking her about 1. yoga 2. llamas.  I was super stoked when she said she would love that and was excited! (Say a prayer for her as this weekend she will be in Hilton Head with cyclists…she wasn’t aware they were cyclists or that this was a party cycling trip!)

I will be sharing that experience with you guys in October.  Fun stuff.  And no unlike goat yoga these couple hundred pound South American sweeties will not be standing on our cat/cow backs.

It’s done, ma…

Other things I have randomly shared lately include my meatball balls recipe (that just sounds so stupid since I’m always like 14 when it comes to my sense of humor), my driver exchange information since bad guys like to wreck me, and I began sharing some scripture on the blog.  I’m just a ball of random and you love it!

Speaking of sharing, Laura shared she had read The Perfect Mother.  I ran to the library and for the love of recent releases they actually had it!  So I checked it out and the library worker said, “This is a new book so you have to have it back in 14 days.”  I said, “No problem.”  That started a binge of reading.  Guys, I read that book in like three days.  I read another fabulous book I got that day in 16 hours.  Next up I tackeled Candace Cameron Bure’s book Kind Is The New Classy.  And then I read Dear Carolina by NC Author Kristin Harvey and I’m ready to get a few more books read.  So can you share with me some good reads for fall?

Premiere Date: Sept. 26 - 2018 Fall TV Premiere Dates - Photos

Do you use Good Reads to record the books you read?  I try to remember to do it.  All I can remember to record these days are my shows!  I have no clue what new shows are debuting this month but I cannot wait for the return of This Is Us (9/25), Splitting Up Together (10/16), The Goldbergs, American Housewife,  (9/26).  I really don’t know what else I will be watching this fall.  Do any of you have something I need to check out?  Am I forgetting a favorite?

Some new ones I may check out:

Single Parents (pictured above)

The Neighborhood

I Feel Bad

OK it’s been fun!  I hope you have a great week!






8 thoughts on “Coffee Talk”

  1. I am still thinking how I am going to miss The Middle!! People are buzzing about Manifest so I may give it a whirl. Cammy B has good tastes, sweet pin with that darling tee. Yoga with Llamas, I’m down, always the first animal barn I hit when we are at the fair. I rolled 3 lbs of meatballs yesterday and smelled like meatball all day, lol!! Hope it’s a great day back to work…get groovin and make it shine!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love American Housewife, and I’m curious about Single Parents. There are some new shows I want to check out, but I have a hard time keeping up with a lot of TV so we’ll see! Yoga with llamas? I haven’t heard that one; only cats and goats, which I think would be fun!! 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve been so tempted to sign up for Fab Fit Fun – it really looks so, well, FUN! And I tore through The Perfect Mother too – I love a page turning book like that. I thought that Not That I Could Tell was similar (in a good way), and also would recommend When We Were Worthy.

    Liked by 1 person

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