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TBB Asks: How Do You Cozy?

Happy Labor Day, friends!  The “unofficial” end of summer has arrived and it’s also my little brother’s twenty-third birthday today.  I had not planned to post out today but when Andrea sent me the link up I was like, OK SURE!

The theme for TBB is cozy so I assume this is their transition into fall.  If you’re down here in the South with me then we know fall is still a ways off but for those who love it so very much here’s the Q/A for all things cozy!

I like slippers.  I actually like the ones pictured in the graphic.  And this year I need to get a new pair.

I am Freaking Cold Weather Gifts For Women, Cozy Blanket Throw Blanket Fleece, Funny Gifts For Her B
I need this blanket since I freeze when the temperature drops below 80!

A couple years ago I bought a blanket two pack at Sam’s Club because I wanted a nice plush blanket and I knew if I got the two pack my daughter wouldn’t have to steal mine.  Well she did steal it along with the other one.  Story over.

Thick pillows only.

☮ * ° ♥ ˚ℒℴѵℯ cjf
I laugh out loud every time I see this.

Coffee, you know this.

I have a love hate with robes.  I have a robe and once upon a time I loved it but now I just prefer to wear a long cardigan.

Mustard-rubbed chicken legs get super-tender when braised in apple cider and white wine for this cozy fall dinner.

My favorite comfort snack food?  Um…hmm?  I like meals I don’t like snacks.

TV series binge for sure!  The last time I did that was last month watching OITNB.  Is it over for good?  Thoughts?

Image result for flannel sleep pants
These popped up on my groupon…hmmm?

I can do PJ’s or leggings.  Most days I wear leggings for work and I have two sets – my work ones and my house ones so ya know whatever goes.  I love my Old Navy pajama pants (size medium, send them to me) too.  It’s really just a toss up.

Last February I bought a Queen Anne chair and it is mine all mine.  Those are the best chairs ever.  I bought an ottoman to go with it.  Give me my chair, my missing blanket, coffee, and my comfy pants and I’m set.

lounge wear, romper, slippers, Ugg, cardigan, Norstrom, Gap, Splinded, comfortable outfits, Weekend Wear,
Pretty much in love with this from Peaches In A Pod.

I need a new hoodie.  I used to have a ton of them.  Now I have maybe one.  T-shirts with a cardigan are my jam.  I only like sweaters to wear outdoors.

And that is my version of cozy.  I would like to share that I don’t get “cozy” unless it’s a football watching night.  I’m wired 220 most days so it’s hard to just sit down and be….but I’m working on that!

Happy Labor Day!


16 thoughts on “TBB Asks: How Do You Cozy?”

  1. I get it, you energizer bunny, you, going going and hard to just curl up when there are things to do but this was super fun! LOVE the blanket and can see you wrapped up in it, sipping your coffee, then tossing it off because you remembered something else that needed to be done. Me, I have to heat up my coffee bazillions of times because i get busy and forget about it, lol! ADORE YOU!!

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  2. I love Costco’s blankets. My kids love them too. It is still going to be like living on the face of the sun in the afternoons, the temps are still in the high 80’s but at night and in the morning it is 40’s and 50’s. I like my coffee black too!

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  3. Your cosy clothes loves from Peaches in a Pod are gorgeous – I feel like a slob now haha! Love the coffee quote, nearly spat mine out reading that. Now you mention having your own chair I think that could be a great idea – there is a nightly battle for the best sofa in out house. Enjoy Labor day!

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  4. I don’t think the hot thing is just down south lol. I live in Ohio and it’s still going to be in the 90s all next week. I teach in a 100 year old building with no air so it’s real good times, lemme tell ya ha!!

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    1. I bet you get a cool down before we do! I know what it’s like to teach in non air conditioned buildings so for you I will be in prayer! Can’t a soul learn when they are miserable!


  5. Well, I have a hard time “being” myself, always, always doing something, even if it doesn’t need doing. :o)) I need that blanket too, I’m always cold. I’m wrapped up in a throw right now and it’s at least 92 degrees here in NE, La. today. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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  6. Sadly the cold seems like a long way off for us too, with today’s temp at 90 and a million percent humidity. BUT any day’s a good day fro cozy! How have I never owned a pair of ON PJ’s? Must remedy that!! Have a great week. Where’s a pic of you Queen chair?? Sounds absolutely divine!!

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