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What’s Up?!?!

Hello tail end of August.  Let’s recap the month together!


Eating –

School is back in session so I’m back to doing some serious meal planning and crock pot using.  This week’s menu:

Baked Meatballs that are some of the best ever meatballs in the history of all meatballs! Such a simple and easy meatball recipe. Very tender and flavorful! Perfect to add to spaghetti sauce or any other recipe that requires basic meatballs!Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos

Chopped Thai Chicken Salad. This was really good! I did substitute yellow pepper strips for the papaya because I don't like papaya. Otherwise I made exactly like the recipe #chicken

Baked Meatloaf Meatballs Monday – of which I will make too many so that when I treat the kids to spaghetti (tonight) they can have some meatballs in it.

Taco Tuesday – my slow cooker will do the work.

Spaghetti Wednesday – You know I hate pasta and I had contemplated making zoodles but then I was like I am not a true fan of Italian food so…it’s all for the kids!

Lemon Pesto Chicken (Baked) – I’m not using that recipe but you get the idea and I think that recipe does sound great!

Friday means pizza!

Reminiscing –

Two years ago

Honestly, I’m not.  But if I had to share something that creeps through my brain it is probably the fact that I have two elementary school kids now.  Last year I had an elementary school kid and a preschool kid.  Next year it will be a middle schooler and a first grader.  I’m glad I do not have babies but it’s weird to now have two kids who aren’t anywhere near babyhood.

Ramble over.



Technically it is still summer so that’s a plus!  Not having to pay babysitters is a plus! Oh and being back in Sprint (cycle) is pretty fabulous.  I love feeling like I’m about to buy the farm or puke my brains out every class LOL!

We’ve been up to-


No good.  Just kidding.  August brought beach trips.  The kids got to go enjoy the new beach place (with me and my mom) earlier in the month.  C started softball in August and she’s loving it!  Of course H is all about that birthday for August and he is now a Kindergartener. We spent the weekend in Tennessee at Splash County (part of the Dollywood experience.)  My brother was married on Sunday to his baby mama, baby  mama (maybe I am the only person who thinks of OutKast when I say that…?)

What I’m dreading-

September is two kids in two different sports and one mama.  And we have something going on every weekend (except the first!) of September.  It’s going to be a busy (but fun) month!

Working on-

C’s birthday, a baby shower for my brother’s wife, pumpkin palooza, maybe a new side hustle.

Excited about-

Bella Cupcakes - bridal_shower7
Slightly in love with this set up….

A month of busy.  Not bad busy but fun busy!  We have a lot of fun events coming up and I like to be able to be creative and useful which is what they allow me to do!

Chapter 03 by Florian NICOLLE, via Behance                                                                                                                                                      More

And football returning!!!


I'm Sorry but I have no time for you with my heavy Real Housewives schedule.

Mondays are for RHOC and Southern Charm Savannah

Tuesdays were for Younger but the season ended this week – now I must live for Persil commercials.

Wednesdays are for RHOD even though I don’t really like them.

Thursdays I watched American Woman and then it’s season ended.

A&E will offer viewers unfettered and unfiltered live access inside the country’s busiest police forces and the communities they patrol in the new documentary series Live PD. Over the course of eight weeks, dash cams along with fixed rig and handheld cameras, will capture the work of a varied mix of urban and rural police forces around the countr...

Friday & Saturday we are Live PD people (my daughter’s birthday party is Live PD and some of the officers sent her things for her birthday….shhhhh she has no clue!)


This book is 20 years old but I grabbed it from Goodwill and it was freaking awesome.

The Pilot's Wife

This became a fast favorite:

The Best in Health and Wellness Books This Month: July 2018

I couldn’t finish this one:

Something In The Water: A Novel, Book by Catherine Steadman (Hardcover) |


The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy


Image result for kind is the new classy

Currently reading:

Image result for dear carolina

Listening to-

Since I got the new ride in July I have been loving the free Sirius XM trial.  I have it for another month or so and I decided to subscribe when it trial is over.  My favorite channels are 90’s, 2000’s, Coffee Shop, DMB, Garth Channel, 80/90’s Country, and Dan Patrick (I have to have sports talk.)


You know the answer.

We dare you not to put a little extra UMPH into your workout when you wear these colorful, outer space inspired capris! Adorable colors, a sassy print AND a super flattering (muffin top-free!) waistband? Yes, please! Made with a light weight, medium compression fabric that provides compression & support with great freedom of movement. FitCrush is SO PROUD to introduce our VERY OWN line of adorable print workout capris, designed and produced here in the USA! We absolutely love adorable prints, cu

I have came to the realization I need some new clothes.  Yes more work out clothes (always!) but I have zero pair of jeans I love.  Also, after a massive fall/winter clothing sort I may need some other staples too like shirts.  LOL!

styling maroon jeans, booties, a crochet top/tank, and tan jacket! cute :)  #fashion #fall

Loving this look!

This weekend-

Well it’s Labor Day weekend and that means it’s the kick off to my daughter’s 11th birthday (on the 4th!)  So I plan to do a few things with her (like a lunch date.) I don’t know if I should throw together the yard sale for this weekend or not.  I’m thinking…no.  I tried to do one on a holiday weekend before and it didn’t work out.  Depending on the weather and what the kids say I may put out some fall décor.  I also plan to work in my flower beds and get ready to put some mums out.







6 thoughts on “What’s Up?!?!”

  1. Funny you mention Sirius…totally on my post today too. My trial is still going on and our playlists are almost identical! I need to look up the coffee one. Your meatloaf meatballs sound tasty….getting back into the meal planning mode was tough. And your babies…they sure have grown up! Have a super Wednesday Amanda! Miss seeing your snaps. 🙂

    Shelly | The Queen in Between

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey girl hey! I need to jet over to your spot and check your blog (work doesn’t allow for me to read but on the weekends #geez!) The meatballs are to die for and your kids are pretty much grown now! Holy macaroni! xo


  2. Happy early birthday to my sweet lil Cammy B!!! I love your posts so much, always full of the BEST goodness life has. Your Tommy B will be back on the field in action soon, so excited for that ball to fly through the air and dem tackles!!!! I want that whole utility look! And I am reading the perfect Mother too. let me know what you think bout it!! LOVE you, I want to spin cycle with you. I’ve never done it but I want too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey girl hey! I’m ready for 9/9 because that is the day I will probably cuss my television for NOT showing the Patriots. That’s an issue when you live in the South and pull for a “yankee” team LOL! Isn’t that the cutest outfit? I’m buying it in late September – mind made up! So I finished that book and I loved it. C’mon and spin with me any time! Thirty minutes, give it 110%, metabolic cycle revs up for up to 5 hours afterwards – its the best! Like you!


    1. I have habit of finding an outfit I like then going in a favorite store and pulling it together – this year that’s the one for September (though it won’t be temperature appropriate until sometime in October.) XO!


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