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Healthy Girl: Emo Girl


Continuing our mission to make August count and keep our svelte selves in check for the new season of back to school, regular schedules, and fall – we’re talking emotions.

Did you know that the correlation between this time of year (summer) and our moods is positive?  We are generally happier people from May to October because…sunshine!

Vitamin D is a good thing from the sunshine (and milk, yadda yadda yadda) that makes us feel better and summer time offers us lots of Vitamin D.

Today’s post is short and sweet to allow you to do something incredibly simple and wonderful at the end.

I’m going to challenge you to get outside every day from now until November.

  1.  Every morning go outside and walk.  It can be your daily walk (get in a few miles!) Or it can be just a cup of coffee walk. Just do it before you go to work/school.
  2. Take outdoor time while you’re working.  That means lunch time!  Go sit outside to eat.  Go for a walk for half your break.  Get outside and get that rain of sun down on you.
  3. Make a point of being outdoors for at least thirty minutes every afternoon/evening.  I really suggest that after dinner walk or pre-dinner jog/run.  Take deep breaths and notice everything around you.

Be thankful as you are spending your time outside.  Be intentional in every moment you are outdoors – take account of everything you see from the shape of the clouds to the smell of the air.  Look at the last blooms of summer.  Watch the freakin’ squirrel.  Notice the birds on the line.  And look for the peeks of impending fall – the leaves are changing if you pay close attention.

Keep your face towards the sunshine & shadows will fall behind you- Walt Whitman

Be mindful and get outdoors every day.  Like now…







6 thoughts on “Healthy Girl: Emo Girl”

  1. This post is so true. It was 47 outside this morning when I woke up, so I know those temps are going to drop and cool weather is approaching. The days are getting shorter. I am extremely solar powered, so January and February can be rough for me. I make it a point to get outside during those months as much as possible for my walks after school, even if it’s cloudy and grey…the downside of Washington! Hahaha! But really, sunshine does boost the mood!

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