We’re Ready (Not Really) Life Goes On

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Their book bags and lunches are packed.

They found their way to bed early last night.

The little one starts Kindergarten.  He’s very indifferent about it.  After three years of preschool should I expect anything more?  Nah.  He’s ready to go to “sissy’s” school.  He’s ready to do this thing.

I caught myself looking at him this weekend.  My little baby now four and a half feet tall and echoing some of his pre-teen sister’s nasty attitudinal words at me (not fully understanding what they mean…)  He’s ready.  My last born is ready to enter the jungle of public school.  He’s going to have a lot of fun and I know that by December’s break I won’t remember much of the little man who I had this summer…for the last time.  The sweet and innocent preschool graduate will be able to recognize words and read me little books and hold a new confidence that will show me the beginning of a brand new chapter.

I am ready.

Not really.

Life goes on.

Then there’s my oldest.  As of eight a.m. she will meet the final year of elementary school.  Part of me cheers with excitement because I’m really just not a fan of elementary school.  The other part sees that a middle schooler makes me a middle ager and um yeah that’s just not cool.  Last night when we were laying in bed chatting about school and what the year may or may not hold she said, “Mama I love to lay with you.”  My mind spun back to a time when she was a mere twelve pounds and would lie beside me in her Boppy while I watched movies.  She would look all around the ceiling, chew her tiny hands, and then fall asleep.  I remember how much she loved to cuddle up in her bed and watch Chrysanthemum when she was two years old.  Here is she is at nearly eleven.

She’s ready to take on one more year of elementary school.

I know she is.

I’m ready.

Not really.

Life goes on.

So to all the fellow mamas who are taking their last one to Kindergarten today and to all the ones taking or watching their kids go off to their last year of elementary, middle, or high school:

They’re ready.

We are ready.

Not really.

Life goes on.



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