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This Ever Loving Week

Hi, I’m Amanda, and I operate this blog.

Laughing because I feel like I have neglected this space even though I did have two posts out this week.  Both are part of a series (separate series though.)


Healthy Girl: Gym Talk was posted out on Tuesday it’s the second post about how you can keep your summer self going all year long!  If you missed it check out this post regarding how to keep your healthiest self going strong well after the buses roll and pumpkin spice everything is out.


Party Time: Let’s Decorate I have two passions in this life (OK more than two but you get it.)  The other one is hosting friends!  August is party kick off for our household and I decided to move my list making into blog posts.  This week I talked about coordinating your parties so you aren’t going broke buying a million different things for multiple events.  Check out the first post here and the second post here.

Moving right along….

I along with many of you am working this Friday.  Gotta make that bacon this time of year to buy the yellow binder and the yellow pencils and play doh.  Kid you not it’s on my kid’s list! HA!

With school starting back in ten days the kids and I are really making the most of what is left of break.

Last week we swam with friends, C had a friend sleepover, and then we took it to the beach for four days.  This was the first trip for the kids to stay at Nana’s new place.

My C started softball last week.  We’re working on her skills and she’s made a pretty nice improvement since her first practice.  Her little brother loves going to practice to play with the little brothers and sisters.


Next week we will wrap up summer break with fun stuff like back to school shopping (that was sarcasm, I hate back to school shopping) and being very lazy.  I imagine we will also have some major fun since my little guy will be turning six next Friday!

Remember that summer project? Yeah, I did not think you would.  Well it’s progressing quite well.  The husband has been able to work on it a little more lately.  This week we spent Wednesday in Conway, South Carolina to celebrate the life of his grandmother.  He took that day off work and Thursday as well.  He spent much of his time toward getting my screened in porch finished up.  It isn’t totally done but guess what?  It will be before fall for sure!

Happy September!! I'm so looking forward to decorating for Fall!! I wanted to share one of my absolute favorite Fall decorating inspirations with you: Leah @leaholsonstyle ❤️ Her entire home is magazine worthy and I can't wait to see what she does this year!! Hope your month is off to a
I live to shock and awe….keep reading.

I mentioned that Wednesday was spent remembering a sweet lady.  Mrs. Cat was ninety-one years old.  She passed away at her daughter’s house in South Carolina.  We traveled down for the funeral.  It was a nice service.  After driving nearly 500 miles that day on little sleep and not enough caffeine I was happy to see my bed when I got home.  I turned on the DVR’d Younger and RHOC and vegged out watching them.  That isn’t shocking but many of you may be shocked at what I decided to look at on Pinterest in my spaced out state…fall décor.  Now I have lists of things to buy to create new pretties for autumn.  Who am I?  Seriously.  In case you were wondering I need spray paint, plastic pumpkins, and Christmas lights.  (That sounds like a psychotic wine induced list for August 17th.)

Yes I was waiting for this, super fun weekend coming 3 days off and gona spend it with the Family.  Sis birthday party, haunted house, and much more!!! Oh and of corse a little shopping.  Lol hope ya'll have a Blessed weekend.

OK back to summer.  This weekend I plan to work out, wear my pajamas a lot, mow the grass already (I could feed about five heifers on this acreage right now considering the immense growth it has experienced in the past nine days), and have coffee with Tammy who is reopening Snoring Horses Vintage and Antique this weekend. Oh and I think I will have a glass of wine or two.

Let me know you came by – drop a line in the comments.  If you blog leave your blog address so I can visit this weekend.  Wishing you well!






10 thoughts on “This Ever Loving Week”

  1. I am soooo happy the porch will be done before frost on da pumpkins! I am so mad at Charles right now! #Youngerprobs! Lol. So sorry about Mrs. Cat and that summa is coming to a close for the kids and carefree days. Our yard install has not gone well so with a boy laid up and 2 gone, guess who’ll be mowing our 2ft crab grass. Yeah even got a complaint from a neighbor quarter mile down. Geessh louise! Get those jammies on and chug that java sweet sis!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad my neighbors aren’t assholes lol. They mow daily. Kid you not! We get frost in November——he better have it wrapped by then lol! Currently coffee in hand and pajamas on.


  2. I LOVE back to school shopping. I bet, though, if I had a girl, it might be different. I vaguely remember being a nightmare of a child for my mother when it came to that. Eek! Happy Weekend!

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