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Pinned It.


I have been on Pinterest quite a bit lately.  Half of the time it was to find something I had seen in a store or online or in a magazine (anyone else let Pinterest serve as a Google for you?)  The other half of the time I was mindlessly pinning crap.

You gotta kill time some way, right?

It always amazes me that people will drop way too much money on something they can make themselves for a third of the cost.  My mom needs a new sign for her beach place and I found this idea on Pinterest.  Of course it was an ad for BBB and I was like – whatever.

Masterpiece 18-Inch x 30-Inch Seashell Door Mat

A little note about me: I live in between central and northwestern North Carolina.  That means I am about four hours from the beach and an hour from the mountains.  So here’s the deal – nothing makes my skin crawl more than people who live in an area like mine and try to make their home a beach house or a mountain house.  It drives me ballistic.  So it should make no damn sense that I fell in love with the star fish on the wall in this room…

under the sea themed bedroom with a coral print upholstered bed & gold starfish on the wall

Maybe I could use turtle shells to fit my zone.  Oh I laugh.

Are you hungry?  I am.  What I need right now is to finally make this recipe I pinned.  My household LOVES mushrooms and boy do these look amazing!  Has anyone tried them?

Slow Cooker Ranch Mushrooms - Simple Mom Review

This was a pin that popped up in the feed and I totally agree with it (though I know not everyone does.)  I try to teach my kids this on the regular.

Why should teaching kids to love God be the highest priority for Christian parents? This post explains why teaching children to love God creates godly, confident kids. Discover four practical steps to teach kids how to love God and to build confidence and joy in their lives. ,

And of course after I post a good Southern Methodist mama’s remind your babies of Jesus I have to remind my others that Jesus did turn the water into wine (not grape juice ya weirdos!) by saying AMEN to this one….

Cheers to the weekend !! Happy Friday !!

6 thoughts on “Pinned It.”

  1. ‘Not grape juice you weirdos’ – love it. Jesus did love his wine. Love your posts xx Sorry I am so behind catching up on your posts – I will get there in the end! Jxx BTW I have followed you on bloglovin but your posts aren’t showing up. It is prob something I have done to my account – has anyone else mentioned any probs?

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