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It’s Party Time: Not at my house!


Time for some admissions:

  1.  My son’s birthday is rapidly approaching.
  2.  I have been being a total procrastinator at deciding a date and time for the party.
  3. I got an invite for the monthly play date with the mommy group we are apart of.

And then angels sang and the skies were blue.

Today I’m telling you how my butt was saved by a mama in a subdivision.

Y’all – August is no joke!  It feels like I’m walking in a dark alley and constantly having to do a Micheal Jackson-esque jump around ready to go Jackie Chan on something!

Last Saturday I was easing into my morning with coffee when I got an invite regarding the August play date.  We haven’t been able to make any play dates in about three or four months.  I clicked over and saw the magical date of 8/25.

Then that whole “oh sh** I am a terrible mama” hit me.  I was (probably) going to do my little guy’s birthday that day and now all the kids would be at the play date and the party would not happen.

Anybody else love some Facebook Messenger?  Me too.  I message the other mama and tell her what is up regarding my new idea to not have a party and instead just participate in the play date because the kid has no real birthday requests that add up other than seeing his friends Z and A.  (By the way I was talking to Z’s mom in the messenger.)

And what did that sweet lady angel of the Lord say?

“I can get a cake!”

Now, slow down readers.  I’m not such a horrible mother that I would be like, “yeah you do that.”  No, I am going to buy a monster of a birthday cake.

Minecraft cupcakes

The cool part is this – the play date is basically an “end of summer bash” that means these lovely subdivision mamas are pulling together their resources (because they live side by side) and are offering up water slides, water gun fights, shaving cream mess, and all that stuff kids freaking love (and I loved in college as well…oh wait.)

So I’m considering Mrs. Mia a total life saver.


Now, I just have to pull together the family shin dig.

He’s requested shrimp and french fries again…

Does that mean we go to the beach?

When the carnal laughter stops The Most High is not laughing and we he has given us up to dishonor our bodies


Have you ever had a total birthday lifesaver?  I would love to hear all about it.  They are worthy of all the props!



4 thoughts on “It’s Party Time: Not at my house!”

  1. Props to that mama indeed! And extra credit for bringing the cake, think how many stones you killed….birthday party…check, end of Summer (boo)…check, ultimate play date….check, mama’s mind eased…check! xo

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