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Healthy Girl: Making August Count!

Y’all this has been making it’s way around blogs, Pinterest, and social media like crazy lately:

Image result for august the sunday of summer

Whoever coined that phrase was really on to the exact mood that August gives me (and maybe you?) and for sure my kids!  Together we are all milking this last bit of summer time as hard as we can.  Staying up late?  SURE!  Staying in pajamas until 1PM?  OK!  Watching trash tv for fun?  YOU KNOW IT!

And we are so enjoying this.  It’s interesting how much we savor when we know the end is drawing near.

The same can be said as we start piecing together our back to school schedules.  And that is where this post really picks up.

I want to throw you a few little morsels to contemplate right this moment:

  1.  We tend to be our healthiest between the months of May and October.  This includes weight and general nutrition.
  2. Summer food choices are more vast and healthier than in other months.
  3. Our moods are generally more lifted during the late spring to late summer period of the year.

Did you nod in agreeance to any of those?  I know I sure did!  These three listings are three things that make a huge impact on our lives.  I mean, hello, this is us!  This is who we are – our health, our nutrition, and our mood.

What if we could bottle this goodness up and carry it with us all year long?  We can.  Here’s how:

What do you weigh right this minute?

If I tell you I am not a numbers girl then I am telling you a half truth.  I hate numbers when it comes to do quadrilateral equations but I love numbers when I know they are the ones that mean – You’re doing it right.  For me I know when I weigh in between 125 and 137 I am doing life pretty well.  That means my exercise is good, my food choice is good, and my sleep is fantastic.

The magical number of weight in the summer and up until early October for most of us is right on point.  Now this is pertains to those in the population who are not struggling with obesity/morbid obesity.  Why do we tend to be our more healthier weights in the summer?  We eat less and move more.  Plain and simple, friends!  It’s the secret to weight-loss and it’s free.  Eat less and move more and boom your body responds!  (Let’s not DJ Tanner it though.  You do need to eat an appropriate amount!)

I’m going to ask you the million dollar question right now, get ready!

Would you like to weigh what you do (give or take a few pounds) right now in December?

Then do this right now:

Join a gym or a work out group.  And do it in August.

The why is simple!  You feel good right now!  You look pretty fabulous right now!  So this is the perfect time to push that girl or guy who thinks everyone is looking at them to the side and go get your membership on.

Trust me when I say it is way easier to go into a gym weighing ten pounds less than you did in January.  It’s not as scary for those who have some fears.  It’s not as grueling since you are already at a place you like with your vessel.

Plus, there are perks to joining a gym or fitness group in August.  The first one is reduced joining fees.  Currently, YMCA’s and YWCA’s are offering a discounted joining rate if you bring in a specific school supply (bookbags at most places).  Planet Fitness is also running a special of $1 to join to join this month.

So you join a gym and you start going to that gym.  Go in the morning before work.  Go in the evening before or after dinner.  When it rains?  Go.  When your kids are in piano lessons for 90 minutes go to the gym.  Take a thirty minute class, do a stationary machine, walk the track, do yoga, I don’t care.  Add this into your routine.

If you can get in this routine in August you can carry it with you all fall and guess what?  Winter too.  And for the first time in ages you won’t be writing a resolution come December 31st that says, “Lose ten pounds.”

What have you been eating this summer?

Asking for a friend, wink.

We tend to eat a little less in the heat of the summer.  We also tend to eat better in the summer!  Isn’t that shocker?  No, not really.

All the good stuff is in season – fresh tomatoes, watermelons, cantaloupe, peppers, squash, zucchini, I mean do I need to go on? I will but do I need to?

Inner Goddess Detox Salad is chock full of feel-good greens, fruits, and vegetables!|

Let’s continue eating fresh and eating well as this month and season progresses into fall (oh gosh I said it.)

Hit up those farmer’s markets until they close up shop.  Shop the perimeter of the grocery store (like you know you should) every trip.

And for the love of your arteries – do not fall victim to the back to school convenience food campaign.  That prepackaged, mass made, cellophane wrapped crap will not benefit you as far as longevity.  It may save you five minutes while packing a lunchbox but it will not make your arteries say, YOU DO LOVE US!

Believe it or not if you live north of Florida and east of California we can eat pretty fresh and healthy for a while just like those sunny, warm states.

So how do we make August count food-wise?  We continue to eat smart.  We eat the fresh foods and curb the artificial junk that is now on sale at every Walmart, Target, and Costco across the country.  We meal plan (super easy, post soon) and we prep.  We do this because we love ourselves not because we think it’s the most fun thing in world.

When you like yourself, you love yourself.

I did not like myself in May or June.  I was basically in a rut because my physical self was told to stop and heal.  When I stopped to heal I became a gross person.  It’s so strange how after 35 when you go from working out three times a week and eating well to not working out and eating not so great you can simply watch your body morph into something you do not like.

I watched definition fade away in areas.  I also watched my stomach area start to mimic pizza dough.

I was sad.  I felt bad.  I cried a lot.

Then I was released to work out again and for the first time in my life I experienced what it meant to be far away from your twenties and have to bust your ass to lose a minimal amount weight.

I never want to be there again.


So I got back on track with working out and it felt good.  My brain was loving it and my muscles were too though they screamed at me for days.  I saw changes and felt changes and my mood changed back to the happy girl – the happy healthy girl.

Long days, sunshine, exercise, smart food = happy, healthy girl.

I wish I could tell the government we never need to put sunshine on a regression because, friends, we need sunshine longer than darkness.  We need Vitamin D from the sun, light from the sun, happiness from the sun….even after November.  We need our moods to be lifted all the time.

I cannot stop Daylight Savings Time but I can offer you my third tip for making August count – soak in the sunshine and extended day light however you can from now until November.

Cook outdoors, work out outdoors, dig in the flower beds, watch football on the porch, host friends in your backyard.  These are simple, outdoor, mood boosters!

Continue maintaining that lassiez faire mood of summer into the fall by centering yourself daily with devotion, prayer, meditation, and yoga.

Get the endorphins pumping each and every day by working out.  Take a Body Combat class or GRIIT.  Go for a walk that isn’t based around miles but rather time and company with someone you just adore!  Swim.  Dance (I think Zumba still exists?)

Feed your body real food.  Give it lean meats, nature’s candy is the wide assortment of fruits in season, and nourish it with good veggies fresh from your or your neighbor’s garden.  Drink the water, drink the homemade lemonade, sip the wine.

And then look at all these things that affect your mood in the most positive way and vow to continue them on as this year, school year, season, and life progresses.  And I cannot even tell you how  much your relationships will benefit from this!

Learning to listen to yourself and give your body, mind and soul some much needed love and care is an important part of living your best life. Bring an awareness to your body and mind’s need for a little TLC. Download the guide below and use the questions as a starting point to get yourself thinking about your self-care and what your needs are. Once you start thinking about it, your self-care needs will become clear. Click through to to read the full article and download t

For me it’s being outside.  If I can be outdoors my mood is belissimo.  If I can hike, laugh, and sip some wine at the end of the day then I’m good.  I’m happy.

And happiness is what all of this is about.  You need to be happy with who you see in the mirror.  You need to be happy with what you put in your body for it to recreate itself every single day with.  You need to be happy with your mind.

And the keyword to all that is YOU.

No one is going to make you healthy.  It’s all up to you.  But there are people like me who want to see you succeed and write these posts to help you on your journey to being so much better than we were before.

Make August count.

Make September count.

Go into autumn not worried about pumpkin spice season but focused on having one because after spin class it will be so worth it.

Like the make up company says – you’re worth it.



4 thoughts on “Healthy Girl: Making August Count!”

  1. Great post! We’ve shopped our Farmer’s Market most of the summer and now all the “good stuff” is gone. Wayne and I have found an air conditioned place to walk together near our home and we love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So interesting!!! I would think your location would have the “good” stuff longer but tis up to the growing season. Dag nabbit. I’m glad you have a place to walk. Pick up that pace baby and swish those hips! xo


  2. I had to take off a lot from the gym in March- May because of car accident and surgery and currently still battling the pizza dough look of my tummy. It is so much harder at 39 than it was at 34. Dang aging! Here is to stopping daylight savings time and farmer’s markets! The best.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nothing says your twenties are gone like having to stop working out temporarily in your thirties. It sucks and the forties are even harder thanks to metabolism. Girl YES let’s petition to end that darkness! COME INTO THE LIGHT LOL!


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