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Party Q&A – A FUN Monday kick off!


If you’re new around here then you may be aware that I take part in a Q&A at the start of each month.  This month TBB Asks us about our party preferences and how perfect is this?  It’s so perfect because it fits my party series that kicked off a couple weeks ago!

We are in full party planning mode in our home.  Both kids will celebrate their birthdays this month and early next month.  Then there are a few other celebrations coming up (our annual PUMPKIN party and the adult birthdays oh and did someone say FOOTBALL?)  I cannot wait to have some fun, laid back events!

But for today. I’m sharing my personal favorites and answers to the questions that my sweet Big Sis Andrea shot over to me.  Here we go!

My favorite birthday party as a child was a Halloween themed dress up party!  My birthday is November 6th and when I turned eleven my mom had my birthday a weekend early (right in time for Halloween) and she hosted a dress up theme at our church (Southern girl I am!)  All my friends from school and church came dressed up, the preacher’s daughter helped out, and we all had a great time!

One of my favorite things in the world is watching the pot luck table fill up with some awesome goodies at our yearly Pumpkin Party!

I love to entertain!  If you read my posts you will find out I’m not about making things Instagram beautiful but more comfortable and fun.  You can host a great time and not go broke.  Trust me!

Image may contain: one or more people and people sitting

Our pumpkin party is my favorite party to host!  Every October we have friends over to eat (potluck) and then carve pumpkins.  I love this so much because it’s just so relaxed.  The kids play in the yard or turn over the bin of Legos while the adults gather around and catch up and laugh.  Last year we had a slight mishap and that will not happen again!  Every year I learn a new little tip like….maybe we should carve pumpkins before dark LOL!

Big parties are not my speed.  I like to be able to chat with every person at my home.  I want to be a welcoming host who doesn’t seem overwhelmed or out of control.  We have all been to parties where the hostess is beside herself with worry – that isn’t me.  I prefer to not have anymore than thirty people so that I can make sure I get some good one on one time with each guest.

Let’s be real:  I host to have fun and chill out with my peers!  I have parties so we can all relax by a bonfire and take a load off.  Let’s keep the uptight stuff at someone else’s home.  Here I want you to be welcomed and calm and happy!

Snacking on apple slices will never be the same once you dunk them in this crazy-delicious dip loaded with chopped Snickers™ candy bars and apple pie filling. Perfect for potlucks!
Save this for a special event otherwise you will be headfirst in it and the outcome could be a little dangerous!

Every year someone brings something super delicious to our parties.  One year some attendees brought homemade jalapeno poppers and a delicious apple pie dip.  Another year a friend thought it was terrible they had stopped by and purchased a premade side – it turned out to be a favorite!  I cannot say that there is one thing I simply must have at a party (besides wine duh) but every year I find a slew of stuff I think I cannot live without!

How to prevent dense, gluey streaks in your cake | Flourish - King Arthur Flour's blog
The one on the left is my kind of cake!  So good to get that dense buttery goodness.  

When it’s my birthday you can get me a sad vanilla pound cake with vanilla icing.  I’m simple.  Now if you’re confused by sad then let me explain that – when the butter settles in a certain area of the cake and it is super duper creamy  (generally near the bottom) that is what I want.  Bakers call them imperfect while I give them a perfect ten!

I freaking hate balloons.  But my kids get them.

So here’s a tip – if you want to see Amanda act a fool at a party just turn on any early 2000’s rap song.  Something deep in my soul stirs up and I start to move about and sing the words I know really loud.  Of course wine intensifies this experience.  So now I think I should totally delete this entry.  This list is also a for sure play list to get me fired up!

I live to dance.

Oh these questions are so good that I am hoping you will share some of your own answers in the comments section!

Happy party season my sweeties!  Be sure to tune in for more party posts coming up this month and throughout the upcoming autumn!


8 thoughts on “Party Q&A – A FUN Monday kick off!”

  1. Whoop whoop, you know how bad I am dying to come to your Pumpkin Palooza!!! Yes, I must be able to mingle and chill with my guests and not fret. I promise to never send you balloons sis, promise. 🙂 Your answers were soooo good! xo

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