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This Ever Lovin’ Week

Well hello first weekend of August.  And hello you!

Guys, I am off today and that’s what happens when you bust your tail bone all week long to get everyone super duper happy.  You make magic and in this case it’s having Friday off.

I also had to do it this way because um…well…my awesome childcare for summer is basically disappearing.

It really is August.

Truth:  I will be at the mercy of anyone who can watch my kids for the next two-ish weeks.  Though I hate to see summer break go I’m going to have to to make that lettuce!

Moving on…

Did you see where I was last weekend?


I mean it’s not like a big deal but yeah I was in South Carolina to help get a condo in order.  As you may remember my mother purchased a condo and it needed a lot of help.  I went down on Friday and spent the weekend with her.  We cleaned, we junked, we junked, we ate, no kids.  It was nice!

My favorite photo from the weekend was the moon on Little River while we were having dinner.

Image may contain: sky, night, cloud, outdoor and water

I need to give shout outs to my husband for keeping the kiddos and for straightening up the house so that when I came home I did not need to do a thing but get groceries!

This week…

The kids did VBS (last one of the summer.)  They also had their last two days with the fabulous Abbey.  Abbey was one of our sitters this summer and its safe to say Harper has a major crush on her.

I worked.

So true. Sad when baseball is no fun any more. Encouragement is a good thing!

The daughter is now registered for her first run at softball.  She’s going to play in a local little fall ball league.  This weekend I’m taking her to Academy to get her gear.  Ahhh new cleats – nothing more painful. LOL!  Speaking of that the boy is signed up for football again this year so make that two pair of cleats…

The husband worked.  He’s also working all weekend long.  Boo hiss.  However, when it’s your own place you have to work when you have to work.

This week on the blog:

Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Your Home

Currently (August?!)

August #dothis

Let’s have a good weekend, shall we?

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6 thoughts on “This Ever Lovin’ Week”

  1. Whew, you survived and now you can Thrive…3 cheers for FRI-YAY off!! Auntie Andrea needs to come down and hang with the kiddies these next two weeks. If I didn’t have college boys a needing me to help with moving and watching me cry, I’d be there with bells on (I mean cleats, lol) LOVE you, ENJOY today!

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  2. Our babysitter for the summer had to call it quits early too! So I totally get that. Thankfully, my Oldest Little Farmer could rag along to the others’ daycare. Fun stuff! So glad you get a long weekend. Enjoy!

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