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August #dothis

Last month I was like I’m going to so post my goals again.  And I did.  I shared them with you in this post.

Now I stand before you ready to own up to my failures and successes.  You ready?


Goal #1 was to get back to reading.  Did I? 


The Dirty Book Club by [Harrison, Lisi]

Dirty Book Club was good!  Now I’m reading a Kristen Hannah book.  She’s not a favorite but I got all excited and went to Goodwill and bought three books and it was one of the three.

Goal #2 was volunteering.  Did I?


I volunteered to be a Crew Leader for VBS and it was a blast.  I’m already deciding what I’m going to volunteer for next.

Goal #3 was to go to Zaloo’s.  Did I?


Epic fail.  I had planned to take the kids kayaking but it did not work out due to a few NEW things in life.  But guess what?  We got August.  And guess what else?  I ended up at the beach for the last weekend of July so BOO YA.  (I know that phrase is irrelevant. Shut up.)

Goal #4 was to host some friends for an evening of chillaxing.  Did I?


Epic failure again.  I got a car.  I couldn’t host.  Bahahahaha!  No worries I’m still going to host people.

Goal #5 was to meet the bestie for lunch.  Did I?


Are we seeing a pattern here?  Darn it I did not get a chance to go up to her neck of the woods.  I’m hoping to see her in the fall.  JUST KIDDING!  I’m hoping to see her very soon and hopefully before the fall.

Goal #6 was to host a sleepover for the daughter (why did I make so many goals?)  Did I?



And it was my second daughter.  I didn’t do a big sleepover party.  BUT I did have her bestie over and they had a ball.

Goal #7 was to take 14 classes at the gym.  Did I?


I failed to remember that I would be out one week for VBS.  So I got in 6.  BUT I did lose more of that weight I gained while I was out of commission due to the wreck and the knee.  I only need to shed four pounds to be where I was.  How ’bout dat?

Goal #8 (the final goal) was to have a weekly date night.  Did I?


This was our celebratory meal after he accepted a new position of being the man of his own store.

Week one we did get a date night.  I cannot remember what the crap we did but I know we did.

Week two we didn’t really get one but we can call car shopping with one kid one, right?

Week three we kinda got one.  We hung out without kids. I believe that’s a date night.

Week four yeah we didn’t get one.  I went to the beach.

Hello August Sunflower bright happy background August  2016  wallpaper you can download for free on the blog! For any device; mobile, desktop, iphone, android!
This is probably my favorite welcome August graphic @candidlykeri

…So here’s my August goal list…

Do something super fun each week with the kids before school starts.

Get at least one date night for August.

AT MINIMUM get to 50% on the summer project.

And that’s it.  I know, it’s lofty.

Do you make goals for the month?  If so, let me know what they are.  I can be your cheerleader!

Oh and this month I’m blogging about parties so be sure to check out the posts around that theme!  xoxo





1 thought on “August #dothis”

  1. Well that’ll work sis. I find if I meet my goals I do but if I don’t well, no biggie. But I sure do hope your project gets completed and I’m talking to you Mr. B, cough cough!


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