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Currently (August?!)


Y’all it is August.  I know you know it.  I just feel the need to state the obvious.  The days are long but the years are short has never been more evident.  Today I am using a few words from the lovely Anne to put together my coffee talk post.  This post may or may not flow well and that’s why I call it coffee talk – it’s just Amanda’s (Crazy) Train of Thought.  We may derail.  Hold on.

Or at least put a lid on your cup.

I feel like I should link this post to Andrea’s (is it monthly?) post on what all she has ordered on Amazon.  I have been doing my small share to keep the greatest shopping site on earth going.  My last three orders from Amazon included:

A book

Super simple dinners here guys.  They may not be the healthiest options but they will do for those nights when I’m like ummm….I need speed!  I ordered mine off Amazon because it was cheap!

A vanity plate for the new car

North Carolina NC Home State Novelty Metal Vanity License Tag Plate - Solid Dark Grey Gray
I had the decal on my old car (I miss you Kelly Kia!!!) so I decided to get the plate for the new one.  It came off Amazon too.  Everything comes from Amazon.


Do you really want a picture of a multivitamin?  I didn’t think so.  So yeah I changed from my GNC Female Metabolism vitamin (it made me sick) to Amazon’s house brand it’s vegan and I am not but I liked the components and decided to sign up for the auto ship program.  I always forget to buy my own vitamins.  Let’s hashtag this mom.

I imagine I will be ordering a few more things as the month progresses.  We are entering birthday and football season so presents and Patriots are all on the brain.

Which leads me into some things I am following at the current time!


The Patriots are practicing.  My television, radio, and computer are all tuned to NFL news.  The Pats are my number one.  The Panthers are my number four.  If you are wondering who numbers two and three are I have decided that even though Jimmy G is totally grossing me out I have to pull for him in SF.  And my number three is that sweet Kirk Cousins.  I just like the dude.  (He is now at Minnesota.)  You should read this and you will love him too.

My kid is getting older.  Crap I have two.  OK my oldest is getting older.  Her younger sibling is too but he’s in that little kid getting a little older not that big kid getting smarter thing yet.  (That was probably the most epic fail of mom speak ever but whatever.)  I’m having to follow her like a hawk on her electronic devices.  I’m a firm NO social media until you are old enough to pay a mortgage type of parent.  Anyway, a couple weeks ago she bought herself a tablet on her own with money she had earned working for me.  We had that sweet meeting that said, “you may have bought it but I rule it,”  Every day she’s asking for Snap Chat.  Every day I’m saying no.  And every night I’m checking the dang thing.  I hate to see kids on social media (you know the ones who are in third, fourth grade?)  Last year it started some major drama at my kid’s school and she’s like “I’m out.  My mom won’t let me get a phone until I’m 46.”

Following leads to pinning, right?  Yaaaassss.


I plan to post out another Pinterest post in the coming week.  Trust when I say I have pinned some stupid stuff lately.  I think I do it to make myself laugh when I go to actually view a board I have.

Do you happen to remember when summer tv was all junk and reruns?  I do!  It was called THE NINETIES!  Now summer television is pretty amazing.  I have been delighted to watch the train wrecks that are each and every new season of The Real Housewives.  Younger is my most favorite and coming in as a close second?  American Woman.

Anne threw in the word counting for us to use.  Girlfriend, I’m not counting a thing except maybe the amount of money I think I will not have to use for childcare.  Yes, the littlest member of the family starts real school and that means the preschool tuition is GONE!  Of course I’m on a mission to become a millionaire so I will just use that $300 to combat something else.  Oh yeah the Amazon bill – that’s where it shall go! HA!

This has been so fun.  I’m off to work out now.  XO




12 thoughts on “Currently (August?!)”

  1. Ha, nope not monthly, but I know Tanya from The Other Side of the Road does it monthly. Mine is seasonal, but with a many orders that land on the porch, it could be monthly. LOVE the plate. Guess what, caught up with Younger except for last night. That drop the groceries kiss in the snow…my heart!! Am I Team Charles or Team Josh..poor sweet Josh but Charles…what a man! Have a GREAT day sugar!

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  2. I cannot agree with you more on the social media. My kids wont be allowed to use it for a LOOONNNGGG time. Working in a school, I see how it affects kids all the time. Why does a 3rd grader need Instagram? Why do they friend request me? NO! I am NOT your friend! And Snapchat…we have had problems with that in middle school…it’s called a screenshot and your friends will show the principal…ok off my soap box!

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  3. Your daughter will thank you when she is older for not letting her social media! I literally almost ordered a sponge off Amazon the other day. I haven’t been able to get to Target but I will do it this weekend!

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  4. Your post totally inspired me to link up today. So thanks! I’m counting the money I’m saving on daycare too. I’m not completely off the hook, we still will have to pay for aftercare, but it will be a significant savings. Woo hoo!


  5. So fun – I always love to see what people are ordering from Amazon. Now I want to check out that cookbook! And haha, that is an excellent use of “counting” – you can find all manner of great things on Amazon when you count up how much you no longer have to spend on preschool 😉

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  6. I’m really liking American Woman too. Although I go back and forth woth liking he main character and being irritated by her. Younger has been a fave of mine since it started but for some reason, my DVR went on strike and refuses to record it. So I had to buy the season on Amazon and am still not caught up! I know it’s looking like she’s going to get together with Charles (and I’m not totally opposed), but I like Josh better.

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    1. Josh is the young stud! I have a love hate with the way Alicia Silverstone speaks for her character! You know it’s like a prom and proper fake northeastern story time voice lol!!!


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