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What’s Up?!?!

Hello tail end of August.  Let's recap the month together!   Eating - School is back in session so I'm back to doing some serious meal planning and crock pot using.  This week's menu: Baked Meatloaf Meatballs Monday - of which I will make too many so that when I treat the kids to spaghetti… Continue reading What’s Up?!?!

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Healthy Girl: Emo Girl

Continuing our mission to make August count and keep our svelte selves in check for the new season of back to school, regular schedules, and fall - we're talking emotions. Did you know that the correlation between this time of year (summer) and our moods is positive?  We are generally happier people from May to… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Emo Girl

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This Ever Loving Week

Today is.... His birthday!  This little man, baby o'mine is now six years old.  Wow.  Today we are celebrating bymeeting up with family this evening for "shwimp and fwench fwies."  (Don't worry I texted the speech language path and requested he be on her list!)  Tomorrow we will be heading to Tennessee for a last… Continue reading This Ever Loving Week

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Back To School With The Bullards: Part Stuff

Yeah so hey.  That's kinda where I am right now.  That whole half not giving a hot damn and the other half wanting to run around like the chicken missing it's head. Anyone else? C'mon, I'm not alone!  I'm not, right? I want to share a little more Back to School fun with you all… Continue reading Back To School With The Bullards: Part Stuff

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Back 2 School With The Bullards Part Food.

Monday was a food post. Tuesday was a food post. Wednesday is a food post. So today's post is actually back to school based.  Guess who is headed to fifth grade next week? That girl. And guess who is headed to kindergarten next week? That dude. Kids going back to school means a couple things… Continue reading Back 2 School With The Bullards Part Food.

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Healthy Girl: Keep Eating

Fresh... Keep Eating Fresh! If this is the first HG post you have read then please do me a favor and click here to find out about this series we're in for August - Healthy Girl: Making August Count! We are in the thick of the transition from summer break to fall.  Some places around the… Continue reading Healthy Girl: Keep Eating

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It’s Party Time: A Lot of Food.

What makes a party? Food. Though you may sweat over the guest list or freak out over the décor - the food is the life of the party until Nelly comes on. Today we're going to talk about food and lots of it. If you weren't aware this is where your money goes when you… Continue reading It’s Party Time: A Lot of Food.