Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Your Home

A lot of you know that my actual job is running my cleaning and organizing business.  If you are an OCD freak show who likes immediate satisfaction from seeing your work completed in a two to four hour time period then you know why this was a good fit for me!

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This summer I have been asked no short of probably four hundred times about some tips and tricks on keeping homes tidy while school is out.  I also get asked about products and what I suggest people use in various areas of their homes.  Let’s thank them for their questions because I have been writing down their questions so I can put it in a blog post.  (Of course most of them got it in our face to face chats – yes! People still do that!)

This first post is based around the shear fact that You do not need fifty different cleaners for your home.  Marketing departments are good, aren’t they?  If you go stock up on cleaning supplies you can easily walk out with $60 worth of stuff…that you do not need.  I want to break it down for you so you don’t go broke getting your home disinfected and tidy.  And if you’re wondering I’m recommending a whopping nine cleaners for various areas of the house!  And some of these you can use in more than one room.  BAM!

Multipurpose Cleaners are really anything in a spray bottle.  People think they cannot use a bathroom cleaner in a kitchen.  Well, actually, you can.  Clorox Clean Up and other Clorox based cleaners can be used in both areas.  If you prefer Clorox based cleaners then buy the regular bottle and use it in your hard surface areas (kitchens and baths.)  Lysol also makes a general all purpose spray.  I am sharing these two names for one reason:  They are standard in disinfecting.  The majority of us rely on them to kill the germs.  If you want a “green” clean just keep reading.

Granite does require a different cleaner.  Clorox and granite not so much.  I recommend you use one of two products:  Windex Multi-surface or 409 Granite & Stone Cleaner.  These two do a wonderful job at cleaning the surface as well as leaving it streak free.

If you have soap scum build up, lime, or rust:  Please purchase Lime-A-Way.  I know there are other products on the market (CLR and Kaboom! to name a couple more) but my experience with Lime-A-Way has been incredible.  I spray it on the shower, tub, or shower glass and let it sit for ten minutes.  Then I go back with a good sponge and wipe – friends it takes the gunk (build up) off and that easily.  If you have a heavy build up of soap scum you will need to spray, set, and scrub with a more abrasive sponge, and repeat.  Glass showers are my nemesis.  If you are in the market for a glass shower make sure the glass has been laser treated so it resists build up more than the non treated glass.  Lime-A-Way has been a life saver at cleaning these glass showers.  Once again I spray, let it work for about ten minutes, then use a gentle sponge to wipe clean.  Just remember with this product – wear gloves.

Speaking of glass I only buy Glass Cleaner.  Glass Cleaner is the name of this foaming spray that works wonders.  You can also now get it in generic form at Walmart and it is just as good.

Know your dusting/furniture options.  Two products that I want you to use are:  Original Pledge dusting spray for once a week dusting.  The other is Orange Glo for shinning and polishing your furniture once a month.  All other times all you need is a microfiber cloth.  The reason I am sharing this is because dusting sprays and oils/polishes can cause a gunky build up on your furniture and no one wants a filmy layer of grossness on their furniture.  Here’s an example of how to dust your furniture:  Week one:  Microfiber dust it then polish it with Orange Glo.  Week two: Microfiber dust.  Week three:  Microfiber dust and then use Pledge dusting spray.  Week four:  Microfiber dust.  Then start over.

Don’t forget to use this rule of thumb on kitchen and bath cabinets too!

Hard floors need to be maintained!  If you have any type of flooring excluding carpet and linoleum then take note of this.  You do not need to use any hard products on your flooring.  No Clorox, no Lysol.  I recommend one product for hard woods, manufactured wood flooring, and all forms of tile:  Murphy’s Oil Soap.  (And you thought it was just for wood!)  This natural product is my go to always.  The secret to using it is not putting too much in your water!  If you do it could cause a build up.  The back of the bottle has the recipe for mixing – follow it.  If you’re looking for a highly concentrated soapy water to clean floors take a step back and realize your floors do not need anything highly concentrated – it can strip finishes and make your floors sticky.  Go easy.  Go green get Murphy’s!

To shine floors I use Orange Glo.

Soft flooring is not my friend.  I cannot believe carpet is still being installed in 2018.  But that’s just me.  Since carpet holds on to dust, dirt, dander, and whatever else can fall into it please vacuum regularly!  I use basic baking soda to loosen dirt and to refresh the carpet.  You can buy the delightful smelling Arm & Hammer carpet powder for vacuuming or you can use regular baking soda to do the job as well.

Cleaning tip for the domestically challenged

My green cleaner go to is very simple.  Use this recipe to make your own non harsh cleaner for any room of your home except for your wood finishes.

2 cups of warm water

1/4 cup of white vinegar

1 drop of dish detergent

Shake it up in a spray bottle and use it on your kitchen and bathroom surfaces.  You can even use it on glass!  It won’t streak!  Vinegar kills bacteria, the drop of dish detergent cuts grease.

Other products I give thumbs up to:

The Entire Swiffer Line  – these make tidying up between cleanings super easy and they are kid friendly.  I have the vacuum, Wet Jet, and duster in my possession.

Magic Erasers to remove spots on walls and trim and to get up those spots and strange build ups that nothing else wants to tackle!  (You can also use these on glass showers!)

Brillo pads are a must – sometimes you have to fight to remove build up!

Happy cleaning!  And remember if you are local and in the market for a house cleaning service or organization service contact me today!





1 thought on “Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Your Home”

  1. OOH great post!! I love cleaning and organising – I’ve spent most of this very sunny week doing just that – so satisfying and cathartic! We can’t get hold of most of those products in the UK but I am a huge fan of using vinegar as you said – it does all sorts. Looking forward to reading more of your posts like this!


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