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July WUW


I am about to have that three year old, boxed food aisle, on the floor face down screaming kind of fit.


Because it is the end of July.  A.K.A. Amanda’s Happy Season is going to begin the wind down.  I love summer.  It is no joke.  Summer forever.

But today is about looking back at July and sharing with you some things that were freaking amazing (and some that weren’t.)  So let’s do that.  By the way I am linking this post with Shay.

a5398-screen2bshot2b2015-05-262bat2b1-58-022bamEating – 

This month I bought a new cookbook – the current “IT” girl Rachel Hollis put out a cookbook that is basically Pinterest in a book.  All the recipes I have seen over and over pop up in this book.  To be truthful – I like it in a book.  This week the kids are going to make the biscuit pizzas (their old sitter used to do this on the regular).  I have made a couple cobblers (because mean people).  I have also grilled quite a bit on our new Weber.  The STOK died and well we just decided to not return to that brand.

Reminiscing –

Yeah not doing that.

Loving –

It is Vacation Bible School season.  I volunteered with our church’s VBS and had a blast.  Now my kids get a break from home and me and technology each evening (for 16 days straight.)

Summer break!  I know people who start counting down the start of school on the last day of school.  Guys, I’m not that girl.  I love the freedom of my kids not really having a set bedtime and I also love that there are no school projects!  I don’t even pack lunches (angels sing over that one!)

What we have been up to –

Bought a new car * VBS * Kindergarten Camp * Work * New Job

That’s it, seriously!

Dreading –

Our fabulous sitters start back to school in a week and I am going to be bummed!  My kids are already bummed they only have a few days left with both of the awesome chicks!

Working on –

Our summer project is on delay.  My husband started a new job on July 16th and that really threw like fifteen monkey wrenches into our “plans.” Then his daily driver Honda died (it is on medication currently LOL) then his truck had some issues (oh my.) Maybe we can get it done by next year LOL!

I have been working on my <gasp> fall calendar.  Stop.  It hurts. I have two calendars my business one and the family calendar.  Both are referred to as “migraine.”

I am also working on setting up the play room (yet again.)  It’s getting a learning station put in it.  (No, I am not homeschooling.)  The Legos are exiting this floor and going north.  I decided since my son breaks every screen he gets it is time to go backwards and get a desk top that cannot be lugged around by little hands.  Shhh this is a birthday present.

Excited about –

My mom and her husband bought a place at North Myrtle Beach!  I am excited to maybe get to use it at some point.  Renters come first so if you are interested let me know.


Real Housewives of Orange County – I wish they would recast this show.

Southern Charm Savannah – Never will it be as good as the original however it is light years better than NOLA.

Younger – My favorite.  Anyone else in love with Mr. Persil?

Teachers – Makes me laugh.

Real Housewives of NYC – Betheny is insane.

American Woman – Y’all my DVR messed up and I missed an episode.  That was like stepping on a massive, sharp Lego in the dark.

Live PD – It’s my daughter’s favorite show.  Not kidding.

Reading –

Currently I am not.  However, I did recommend a book series earlier in July!

Listening to:

Podcasts and this month it has been Dave Ramsey and Young Home Love.


Tank tops and active capris.  Like all day every day.

This weekend –

About that beach condo….I’m headed down to help whip the place into shape.  The kids are staying home with the husband and I think it’s a 100% chance of rain all weekend at the coast so….a lot should get finished up!  I am stopping to get a boat load of wine to take with me.  Haha!

August fun –

We will be wrapping up the summer vacation from school so that means we will cram in some things the kids want to do.  We will also be celebrating H-Man’s sixth birthday.  The kids start back to school the last week of August.  I’m not ready.  They are.  Per the usual.

Anything else –

I don’t think I have shared this on the blog.  I’m going to be an aunt – my first niece will be arriving in December.  We found out it was a girl (I knew it!) this past Saturday at the gender reveal.  Awe babies.  Well I say awe because it isn’t mine whoop whoop!  LOL!

OK guys it’s your turn what are you _______ (fill in the blank, loving/wearing/dreading/watching/etc)  Share/recommend!  And as always thanks for coming by and I hope your day rocks out..





6 thoughts on “July WUW”

  1. It’s girl!! Yeah Auntie, especially when you have all nephews up here, lol! Yep, load lots of bottles of Vino and get your beach condo shape it up on!! So fun! I need a Weber, Mr. Nine doesn’t girl and I crave grilled goodness! Hope your day is sweet and sunshiny..like you!! And a little sassy too!! LOVE! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Girl, I have been in prayer for you each day. My favorite Netflix show I have watched this year was Let Down. It’s funny and I could totally relate from back in the day! I also loved Jerry Seinfield’s Driving In Cars with Comedians Getting Coffee (I butchered that, I know!) I have to look through what I have watched and see if there’s anything else!

      Liked by 1 person

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